Moore Church of God

Moore Church of God - 701 S Eastern Ave - Sunday 9:30am & 6:00pm; Wednesday 7:00pm

Selected Song Texts of The Church of God

Title Author
A Song of Joy D. O. Teasley
Behold What Love B. E. Warren and D. O. Teasley
Come Over Into Canaan J. W. Byers and A. L. Byers
Come, Jesus, Reign in Me H. R. Jeffrey
Consecration Mildred E. Howard and A. L. Byers
Cross Over Jordan Today C. W. Naylor and D. O. Teasley
He is Able to Deliver B. E. Warren
Humble Thyself to Walk with God Johnson Oatman, Jr. and W. J. Rogers
I am From Sin Set Free Chorus and Music by: H. R. Jeffrey
I Know in My Heart What It Means D. O. Teasley
I Will Follow Thee Arr. By: A. L. Byers
I'll Say the Great Word D. S. Warner and A. L. Byers
I'm Redeemed J. C. Fisher
Is Not This the Land of Beulah? Arranged
It Satisfies My Soul B. E. Warren
Jesus Makes Me Whole B. E. Warren
Jesus Saves from Sin Today B. E. Warren and J. B. Vaughan
Jesus Will Save Thee D. S. Warner and B. E. Warren
Looking for Me Anna C. Storey and Wm. J. Kirkpatrick
Lord Jesus, Help Me W. J. Henry and D. O. Teasley
Louder, Louder D. S. Warner and Allie R. Fisher
Mighty to Save and Keep B. E. Warren
My Home is on the Rock Johnson Oatman, Jr. and Adam Geibel
Prophetic Truth D. S. Warner and E. F. Bear
Salvation is the Sweetest Thing D. S. Warner and B. E. Warren
Since the Comforter Has Come J. M. Kirk
Spirit Holy C. W. Naylor and A. L. Byers
The Church Has One Foundation C. W. Naylor and A. L. Byers
The Cross Lucy M. Lewis and A. L. Byers
The Evening Light D. S. Warner and H. R. Jeffrey
The Holy of Holies D. S. Warner and B. E. Warren
The Sea of Glass D. S. Warner and B. E. Warren
This is Why I Love My Savior D. S. Warner and B. E. Warren
Thy Children Are Gathering Home C. W. Naylor
Whiter Than Snow James Nicholson and Wm. G. Fischer
Won By Dying Love D. S. Warner
Ye Must Be Born Again C. W. Naylor and A. L. Byers