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I'll Say the Great Word

By D. S. Warner and A. L. Byers

How often I've pondered my struggles within,
Between the good spirit and indwelling sin,
A foe in the temple not subject to God;
But now I am free thro' the wonderful blood.

All resting on Jesus, the altar divine,
There can be no failure, salvation is mine;
Tho' Satan should whisper, "It may not be so,"
I'll testify stronger, I'm whiter than snow.

My feelings are given to Father's control,
His wisdom shall govern my body and soul;
His word is sufficient, I seek not a sign,
I grasp but the promise, and Jesus is mine.

The tide of emotion may run as it will,
The Son and the Father abide in me still;
I dare not confide in a rapturous frame,
But stand on the promise forever the same.

All nature may perish, the heavens may fall,
But Jesus is ever my all in all;
Creation may crumble to chaos and dust.
In God my salvation securely I trust.

I'll say the great word, yes, I'll say the great word;
I'm all on the altar that sanctifies me;
I'll tell it forever and honor my Lord;
Yes, glory to Jesus! I'll say the great word.
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