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Thy Children Are Gathering Home

By C. W. Naylor

Long scattered thy children, O Zion have been, But now they are gathering home:
The Spirit is calling, they gladly obey, With songs of rejoicing they come.

False shepherds divided and scattered the flock, And hirelings ruled o'er them for gain,
But back to their fold on mount Zion's fair height They come to forever remain.

To unity, glorious, rich and complete, One faith and one body, one Lord,
One way and one Spirit, one hope and one God, They come at the call of his word.

Sectarian walls shall no longer divide, False teachers shall lead them no more;
True pastors shall feed them on heavenly food, Their sorrows and sighings are o'er.

Thy children are gathering home, With joy they are gathering home;
From all the divisions in which they were scattered, Thy children are gathering home.
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