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Salvation is the Sweetest Thing

By D. S. Warner and B. E. Warren

Salvation is the sweetest thing
That mortal ever found;
My soul can never cease to sing,
Such love and peace abound.

Salvation is omnipotence,
Combined with love supreme,
Come down in pity so intense,
To rescue and redeem.

Salvation flows from Father's heart,
A stream of holy love;
It covers me with glory bright,
And wings my soul above.

Salvation is a perfect plan;
It heals the saddest one
Who seeks the Father's boundless grace
Thro' his beloved Son.

Salvation! oh, that word so great!
It thrills my heart with joy;
To me it is a rich estate,
No foe can e'er destroy.

Jesus, our Friend and Redeemer!
Jesus, our wonderful light!
Saved by thy grace, we're forever
Singing the blood that makes us white.
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