Moore Church of God

Moore Church of God - 701 S Eastern Ave - Sunday 9:30am & 6:00pm; Wednesday 7:00pm

It Satisfies My Soul

By B. E. Warren

For me the blessed Savior came,
His great salvation to proclaim;
O glory to his precious name!
It satisfies my soul.

Salvation is unmeasured grace,
It fits us for the Christian race,
Unveils the Father's smiling face,
It satisfies my soul.

Salvation brings supreme delight,
It changes darkness into light,
And makes the Christian pathway bright,
It satisfies my soul.

Salvation brings abiding peace,
Its shining glories e'er increase;
Its flowing rivers never cease,
It satisfies my soul.

Salvation makes us happy here,
Surpassing all that earth holds dear,
And fills the drooping heart with cheer,
It satisfies my soul.

Salvation, richer far than gold,
Than glitt'ring gems that turn to mold,
Its wealth no language e'er has told,
It satisfies my soul.

It satisfies my soul, It satisifies my soul;
This wonderful salvation, How it satisfies my soul!
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