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This is Why I Love My Savior

By D. S. Warner and B. E. Warren

Shall I tell you why I ceased from folly? Why I turned away from sin?
'Twas because the love of my Redeemer Fully won my heart to him.

Do you ask me why I seek no pleasure In the things I once did love?
'Tis because I've tasted life's pure river, Flowing from the throne above.

Would you bid me give to all a reason Of the hope I now possess?
It is Christ in me the hope of glory, And his perfect holiness.

Tho' all men may look on me with wonder, At the change that's taken place;
I will walk the downward road no longer, Bless the Lord for saving grace.

This is why I love my Savior, Why I love to follow him;
For he died my soul to ransom, And he washed me from my sin.
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