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Resist the Devil

Bro. David Chancellor
9/19/1999 6:00 PM

James 4:5-7

Pictures that which would try to work on us. Envy is not of God but is something else that would work on the heart of man. God gives us more grace if we will be humble. Two things to do: 1) Submit to God (don't insist on your way, but want God's will and way). 2) Resist the devil (dont have any submission to the devil. Have some rebellion against the devil). Be totally submissive to God and totally resistant to the devil. Our stance and posture should be determined by who is knocking. We aren't called to submit to the devil. If you don't want the devil hangin' 'round, put up a resistance. If you make an opening for him don't be surprised if he keeps coming around.

1 John 5:4

Whatsoever or whosoever is born of God overcomes the world. Religion teaches that that which is born of God is overcome of evil, but the truth is that we can overcome through God and resist the devil. Our victory is faith in God for the power to stand against the devil. If we put our confidence in God we can have the power to overcome.

Matthew 4:8-11

The devil often presents himself as an "angel of light" and quoting scripture. The Word of God is given for us to stand on. Jesus used scripture on the devil. He had faith in what the word said and took his stand against the devil. We need to study the word to get what we need to defeat the devil, not just show others what is wrong. We need to find things we can stand on - not just mental illumination. We need to have things to fight the devil with in our life. If we walk close to God and live right and we need an answer, God can give us an answer - one that can't be gainsayed or resisted. The good part was when the angels came. The victory exhilarates. If we would resist the devil, we need to know the word and stand on it. Keep you hand on the word of God.

1 John 5:9-13

Many times people will settle for the witness of men. They rest in the wrong thing, (church membership, 'they call me brother', etc.) Pastors can't save or backslide people. If people sin, they're backslid, but not because of the pastor's "say so". We can't rest on the preacher's "say so". We appreciate the fellowship, but we can't count on that. Get settled on the witness of God and it can help you resist the devil, even when others DON'T call you brother. When it comes to your soul, you better get the witness of God. If your faith is in Jesus, YOU'RE the one that knows it. You need to know for sure and have that witness within. We can KNOW that we are one of God's children. When people don't have their faith in God, they need to be careful what they are saying. YOU can KNOW that you have eternal life. When the devil tries to say, "You don't know," you can stand and say, "I KNOW!!!" We need to be settled to believe what God says. The devil would try to take our assurance away. You can know you have eternal life.

Ephesians 1:4-7

God has chosen us. It is his choosing and not ours. If he had not chosen to offer us salvation, we would not have it. His choosing is that we should be holy and without blame before him in love. He would that we would be holy. It is his grace that makes us accepted. Repent, confess, and forsake is important, but salvation is according to the riches of his grace. Yes, we need to confess and forsake, but salvation is according to his grace. You don't have to repent forever of past sins once you have repented of them. Once God has put it under the blood it is behind you. Salvation isn't according to the greatness of what you did, but by his grace. He can make the difference. You don't have to go on with sin. You can confess and forsake and through grace go on to live holy. We have a strong place to stand when we recognize the riches of his grace. He is ready to forgive and put it behind. Don't let the devil bring it back.

Revelations 12:9-11

The devil was cast out and the kingdom of God is come. The devil is an accuser. Don't do his work. Don't be an accuser. We don't want to make room for what is wrong, but we don't want to let the devil accuse for things under the blood. When he accuses, you need to stand against him.

Mark 1:34

Don't let the devil speak. Tell him you don't have time for his conversation. Jesus didn't want the devil's advertising. It is good for the devil to keep silence. If you don't give the devil an ear, he will have less opportunity to speak. He would take your joy, peace and confidence. Keep your confidence in God, and his promises. Don't give ear to the devil. He would make you question and wonder and doubt. We can show the devil the word and resist him on the promises of God.

Colossians 1:28, 29

Our desire is that every man may be found perfect in Christ Jesus. Be about God's work regardless of what the devil may bring. God's will is that each of us can stand strong against what the devil may bring. Submit to God, let him work in your life and resist the devil and don't let him have any input into where you will go. Resist the devil through the power and promises of God. Overcome by God's grace and strength.

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