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Hated for Christ

Bro. David Chancellor
9/12/1999 6:00 PM

Matthew 10:16-22

In this life we will experience hate as well as love. As Jesus sent the disciples out this is what he told them. It is a commission for us now also. There are things out there that will destroy. There are wolves around us. Be wise and be harmless. Be careful in where you go and what you get involved with. Be careful not to get in a dangerous place, but if you wind up in one, don't strike back. Don't give back what you receive. We can be harmless, but we aren't defenseless. Watch out for humanity, it will pull on you. There are influences and dangers out there. Paul always went to the synagogues and that is where he found trouble. We need to be wary of all men - religious or not. You might get scourged, but shame on the man that does the scourging. Be careful of your actions and all that you do. God help us if our attitude is to scourge. Beware of men. Humanity will always be one of your biggest battles. They may disappoint you time and time again, but you need to have it settled to go through with God. Be wise. What we do has an impact. If you aren't wise you cold be hated for your own sake. You may be hated because you love Jesus. There's hate in the world and we are going to encounter some. "You will be hated of all men for Christ's sake." You need to love Jesus enough to keep on walking through it all. Jesus will love you, but you will be hated. We need to overcome being hated.

Luke 6:22-26

"Blessed are ye when men shall hate you." As people of God we should not be hateful back. You can be blessed when they avoid you. You need to have it settled to go through regardless. If you receive that when you are doing what you believe God would have you to do, you are blessed. We need to follow the Bible. When God shows you something that may cause others not to stand by you, stick with God. When we feel hated, most of us feel downcast, but we should leap for joy because we'll have a good reward. If we are living right, we can rejoice because we're like the prophets of God. We'll be hated sometimes, but we need to be settled to go with God and what he said. "Woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you." If you are always well spoken of you need to be concerned - you might want to check the obituaries and see if you are still alive. You need to make sure you are spiritually alive. When al men speak well of you the concern is, are you telling them the truth? If you are so concerned that people speak well of you that you sacrifice the friendship of Christ, it is a scary thing. As you follow Christ, you will somewhere cross someone's path.

John 15:18-21

The world hated God first. The world hated those that followed Christ. If you were of the world the world would love its own. If they hated Christ because of how he was, don't expect that they will love you. The world didn't love him; they won't love you either. The world says "Love your friends and hate your enemies." If those that claim to be a Christian hate you for doing what God would have you to do, they know not him that sent Christ. We need to be careful what our attitude is towards others - all mankind. We have no room for hate. There is no place to hate back in the heart or life of him that knows God. Anytime hate is manifested you can know that they don't know God. Those that don't know God will hate those that do.

Luke 16:14-15

Christ preached against the covetousness of the Pharisees, and they derided him. He told them, "Ye are they which justify yourselves before men..." Our president is this way. If your goal is to fit the mold of what man most likes, you won't be pleasing to God. If you fit your life to the Bible you will find that you won't be popular. God knows the heart and if you are right the fact that he knows the heart is a comfort. The world doesn't like that God sees all, and they will have to pay. It isn't comforting to the one with evil inside that God knows the heart. If the world thinks you are the greatest, that is reason to be concerned. If people are going in an ungodly way - a holy life will grate on that. People can be attracted by a Christlike life. But the one who is following after the world will hate you. We don't want to be highly esteemed by men and in trouble with God. If God is your friend, no matter how much hate you encounter in the world you won't be friendless or unloved. When people hate you, you'll be hurt by it, but enjoy the blessing of being numbered with God's people. You can rejoice though it may hurt and disappoint.

1 John 3:11-14

Cain hated his brother because his brother was living righteously and he wasn't. You will encounter some hatred and persecution. Keep loving one another. "We know that we have passed from death unto life because we love the brethren." Can you love the ones the world hates? Anyone can love the ones the world loves. Can you love him whom the world hates? The one who's been cast off by all others? We love the hated, the outcast, and the despised. It doesn't mean we love just our little group. It means everyone. The gospel makes us love everybody. It doesn't call us to be hateful to the world. It is good to have friends in the unpopular crowd. They need friends too. "Brethren" goes further than the saints. We love the hated. It's easy to talk about the glory of the love of God toward the saints. We need to take our love and extend it to the unloved. Have love towards those that have chosen to follow Christ and are hated for it. We need to show God's love to all. Can you manifest the love of God to one that is unloved? Be friends with Jesus. We may be hated for his name. If we're hated for our own sake that's different. If we're endeavoring to do what's right and are hated for that we can rejoice. We need to love the hated. God's love is for all mankind. If he had not loved the hated we'd be lost. We need to have love for all mankind.

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