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Truth - for "whosoever will know"

Bro. David Chancellor
8/22/1999 6:00 PM

Revelations 22:12-17

One day we're all going to stand before God and life is moving on fast. The day is coming quickly when we'll receive the reward for our work. "Blessed are they which do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life..." Because of sin access was denied man to the tree of life - a separation was made between the two - but with the coming of Christ, access was restored. Men in sin can no more eat of the tree of life than they could then, but a way was made. People have to make a choice as to which way it will be. The call is to "come and take of the water of life freely." God has provided the water of life freely for everyone. Christ and the church say come. It is our duty to sound the call. This water is for every person. The call to "come" is not to "come" to church, but to "come and take of the water of life... Salvation is for "whosoever will." At one time the disciples had the idea that salvation was only for the Jews, but God showed them it was for everyone. The gospel is for all... all colors, all races, all nations. The water of life is for all, for any who will take of it - wherever they might happen to find it; wherever they meet the conditions, they can take of the water of life. God's calling is that his people be an example or influence, but whether they know us or not, the important thing is that they partake of the water. Wherever you meet God's conditions, the water of life is open there for you. Somehow people need to find God. Our spirit and attitude should be, "Come." We needn't think it's exclusively ours, but we should offer it freely to all. Businesses seek to establish themselves as unique and different. Churches today are also doing that, but we don't want to be that way. If people find God he'll be able to work in their lives just the same as in ours. The gospel is for ALL mankind.

Ephesians 2:13-19

Paul is describing our access to God. Christ has provided that all men could have access to God. At the temple the Gentiles weren't allowed beyond the wall. The Gentiles really didn't have access to God like the Jews had, but Christ abolished that wall. There's only one kind of man today; no special privileges are given by birth. We all have access to God by the same means. we are able to go to God and have our needs supplied. There's no one shut out to salvation. The only way you won't make it is to try to go your own way. You have to go through the blood of Jesus. It's there for anyone who meets God's conditions, and wherever they do so, they can have access to salvation and God. There's only one door and you are invited to come in like everyone else. Everyone that comes God's way is made to fit in the body of Christ. We are all fellowcitizens of the household of God. Our desire should be that we would have it for everyone. It is for "whosoever will."

2 Peter 1:15-21

Peter was working to establish some things so they wouldn't turn away from it. He was telling what he knew first-hand. We don't need cunningly devised fables where souls are concerned. Fables are a story with some moral truth they want to get across. We are talking about what God has said and done. Peter was telling from a personal observation point of view. He referred them back to prophesies of Christ. "No prophecy of the scriptures is of any private interpretation." God said it and what he meant is what we need to get. Many people are preaching FROM the Bible, but we need to PREACH THE BIBLE. People can pull a scripture and say whatever they want to say with it. We need to preach THE BIBLE; what we have to say about it doesn't matter, but what it says matters. We don't have a corner on what the Bible means. Anyone that reads the Bible and listens to God can know what it says. It isn't of private interpretation. Any person, anywhere can know what the Bible says if they are sincere about searching the word and listening to the Spirit of God. The truth is for the person that seeks to know what God has to say. The words of God belong to God and they are for each and every person. We don't have an exclusive patent on the Bible and the truth. The truth is there for everyone. There is ONLY ONE true interpretation. If God doesn't reveal it to us we can be as mixed up as the next guy. No one can stop you from understanding the truth. It's there to be found and enjoyed if you will get in the book. There is nothing like the truth for cutting the feet out from under what is false. Judgment has to begin first with us. We need to be sure that what we have is truth. God is not limited by us. It is for whosoever will. It is there for our understanding and enlightenment and help. We need to hear the voice of God and not private interpretation. The word needs to be plainer and clearer. We don't want to be elaborate; we need to have it plain, clear, simple and understandable. The question is not "was the presentation good?" but "did the truth come through?" If God has shown truth, it isn't just for you, but for all. He would have all of us enjoy the understanding.

Psalms 97:10-12

Light is sown for the righteous, for every one that would live right and do right. We can enjoy and be benefited by light and gladness, but we can't claim it as only ours. It is for whoever will walk God's way. It is sown for the righteous. Except that the wicked come to Christ they won't enjoy light and gladness. People can't go their own way and have truth and a real understanding of God's word. Unless you go God's way you won't get that light. It's there for all who would serve God. He'd have us all to increase in light and understanding. It is for whoever will come God's way.

Revelation 21:10, (then describes the city), 22-27

The nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it... the gates will not be shut (open all day... and there is no night). The gates are not shut. They are always open; the message is always come. The gates are always open - you don't have to wait until "church joining week" - whenever you find a need of God, just "come" - while the gates are open nothing evil will go in. Only those who have been washed will get in. We don't need to shut the gates because we have a good gatekeeper. Nothing can slip by unnoticed. If you have a good gatekeeper, they will know. If we will let Christ keep the gate he will not let anything by that isn't supposed to get by. He is not interested in us trying to shut someone out. It should be our desire that people come. We would that God speak to people's hearts. With the great reformations, God had already been at work beforehand. God was speaking to hearts and there was a work going on that was more than what was being done by just one individual or one movement. Today we need to see God work that way once again, that salvation of souls might come. As we seek God to work it doesn't matter if we ever get to know them here; we will in heaven. We don't want to forbid those that are truly working for God. It is our desire that people find God however God would find them. We want people to find God and truth. God will work the same in every heart and life to help people find truth. We want others to have the truth we enjoy.

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