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Christ, the Bread from Heaven

Bro. David Chancellor
7/25/1999 6:00 PM

John 6:25-27

Jesus sent the disciples across the sea and sent the people away. The people sought Jesus across the sea. Jesus began to question their motive. He had worked many miracles (and he still does today), but they weren't seeking him for that reason. They were inspired by a full stomach. If Jesus had supplied loaves and fishes every day, he could have been king. He DOES look out for our needs, and he wants to meet our spiritual needs. Labor for everlasting life. (vs. 28 & 29) The work of God is to believe on Christ. Be able to put your trust and confidence in him. If there's no belief in God everything else is unimportant. (vs. 30-33) They referred back to the manna from heaven, saying Moses gave it, but it was God that caused it to come. The one prophesied by Moses stood before them. Bread is considered to be the staff of life. Christ is the source of spiritual life. He is the source of life to all that believe on him. He helps us live to please God. Without him we'd be bound to do things contrary to God and his will. (vs. 34-40) Jesus is the bread of life. "Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness." Why? Because their need will be filled. Jesus wants to supply that spiritual hunger and thirst in your life. You don't have to seek pleasures once God fills you because you will be happy in him. People need to see Christ and hear about what he can do and we need God's Spirit to speak to our heart. You need the convicting, working, power of God to help you believe. Give heed to God's Spirit. If he withdraws himself you won't be able to get hold of him. Without faith and the Spirit of God working, you won't have salvation. It is a gift he is offering today. Christ was unaccepted because he didn't follow the Pharisees rules and plans. People are rejecting him even today. We can trust him to keep that we have committed to him. We have to do Christ's will to prosper. The will of God is that when he reveals Jesus to you, you will believe to salvation and everlasting life. Christ is the means, the ONLY means, of salvation. (vs. 41 & 42) Listen to these reasoning: "Who's he to say he came from heaven?" Where did all the miracles come from? Jesus was not just a natural man. He replaced organs without any organ donors. He can save the soul and set you free to live as he did. Jesus IS the bread from heaven. He came down to give us life. (vs. 43-51) Except God draw no one can come to God. "They shall all be taught of God." We can all be taught by the Spirit of God. It will draw us to him. We can't get to God except through Jesus. Christ is the way of salvation. We don't need to find another way to get to God. Christ is the way, the ONLY way, the good way. Christ had seen the father and he came to show him to us. There was no question about Christ. He IS the bread of life. (vs. 52) The Jews didn't understand that he would give his life for the salvation of the soul. (vs. 53-58) He that eateth of this bread shall live forever." We need to make Christ a part of us and be a part of him. In the first Adam we got our soul; with the second, we have God's Spirit within, to quicken, to give life and help us live for him. We don't just walk with him; he lives within us. The presence of God is important to have within. We need to take God with us.

Mark 7:25-30

She was a Gentile, one that might have been left out. She asked him to set her daughter free. She wanted the bread of life and NOW!!! Because of her faith and her insistence to claim what she knew was there, and her desire for it, she got what she asked for. She knew the bread was there and she wanted it. We can gather and obtain what is now for all mankind - not just one nation. We don't have to settle for crumbs - there is eternal life for us. We can come and take freely.

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