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A Good Service

Bro. David Chancellor
7/18/1999 6:00 PM

Acts 10:24-33

"Now therefore are we all here present before God, to hear all things that are commanded thee of God." God needs to work on all hearts when we come together that we might receive what he has for us. God worked on both Peter and Cornelius; he gave Peter the words to say. God could have just had the angel deliver the message, but he used Peter so that Peter could learn also. The message is for the pastor too. Cornelius let the word get out that a message was coming from God. We can get inspiration from God for the service. We should invite our friends and relatives on the assurance that God will give a good service. These had come to present themselves before God and hear what he had to say. This service was the answer to Cornelius' prayers. What goes on in the service can be an answer to your prayers. These received that that they desired through Peter's message. The speaker may not know what your question was. God can work to bring things to you. Each one can get the part God would have. We want to get what God has to say. If we're praying for answers, we need to come expecting that God can answer. It's good for us all to be present at the service, that we might get the benefit.

Luke 14:16-20

If you make excuse, you won't be present. There are all kinds of excuses men can make to keep from being in the presence of God, but none of them are significant before God. God makes the supper; he presents what we want and/or need to receive. We don't want to let other things come before God. We need to find time to present ourselves before God and hear what he has to say to us.

1 Thessalonians 2:13

They came to be before God and hear from God. The Thessalonians received the word as the word of God and not just what the apostle Paul had to say. We need to listen to hear the word of God. You're not taking from anyone if you quote truth, even if you don't give credit to the one who said it. What God said is what we want to get. We don't want to receive it as the teaching of the great preacher of the day. If we'll listen to hear God's word, we'll have a more solid place to stand.

2 Timothy 3:14-17

We want to get all of what God has to say to us. We can take God's word without being bound to the opinion of man. We want to take everything that God has to say. We don't want to be found in opposition to the word of God. Peter told them that if it was just him he wouldn't be there, but GOD told him to go. Peter wasn't hindered from going by the rules of the Jewish people. He'd learned that God loved the Gentiles too. He spoke to them plainly. We want to take it plain and straight and get what we need from it.

When we hear from God we want to put it to work. We want to get settled and established on what God has shown us. There's no reason to leave behind things you're assured that God said. We aren't bound by what God did not say. Scripture was given that we might be a "well-rounded" Christian. We don't want to be a "one-issue" Christian. We want to see things in the light of truth. We don't want to take away from what people have learned; we want them to go away better, more settled and established. Cornelius had a good testimony before and a better one afterward. We want to hear what God has commanded. They realized that Peter was sent to bring what God intended. We want to hear what God commanded. He knows the battles and things we are facing. The pastor doesn't necessarily know what we are going through. God can reveal things as they need to be revealed. The preacher doesn't have to know all that is happening with you; he just has to preach what God has commanded and let God take care of it. The pastor doesn't have to know everything about everyone. He couldn't handle the burden if he did. God knows about each one and knows just what each one needs. Without God's help the pastor (or anyone else for that matter) doesn't have a clue how to be a blessing to anybody. If we get what God has commanded, it can ring true and help us (even if others don't know). Some things we're better off with only God knowing. Everything about us is known to God. He knows what you need and he can hear your prayers and supply your need.

Matthew 28:18-20

God has called people to teach HIS commandments. What he taught then is still appropriate for today. If we will stick with what God says it will be sufficient. Any time you start adding to what God has to say, you're taking away. You can have strong faith on what God has to say, but you'll have a tough time getting through anything on man's opinions. When we all come before God to hear what he has to say, it is a good service. We want to get that which meets our need and gets hold of us and stirs us. We want to hear what is commanded by God. It is a privilege and honor to hear from heaven. You are blessed if you hear from God. We can enjoy the presence of God and hear from him. We should pray that we get our part out of the service and that he will bless us with what we need. Enter in and get your part. God knows our needs and he can send just what we need.

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