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Preaching Christ

Bro. David Chancellor
7/11/1999 6:00 PM

1 Corinthians 2:1-3

Paul didn't come to these as the world's greatest speaker or with the world's most wonderful logic. It wasn't because he was lacking in ability. He came and preached Christ and him crucified. It was quite a determination that he had. Christ is what it's about. He is the one who can make the difference and change lives. Paul was not changed through the law. With all his efforts to live and gain salvation by the law, his life was not being used as God would have it be used. His knowledge of the law was useful later in explanation, but Jesus was the salvation of his soul. Jesus is the one we need to know. If we would focus on Christ instead of our troubles and on things to our detriment, it would be better for us. Paul came depending on God to do the work. Without God we can do a grand total of nothing. We want Christ to be the center of our attention.

Acts 17:16-32

Paul's sermon as recorded here was short, plain and well-spoken. The length of the message isn't what is important, but that the message of Christ be relayed to the listeners is what is important. Paul didn't run from the invitation of the philosophers. He just preached Christ and him crucified. God doesn't have need of earthly things, such as food and water. He is still in charge and has control. He really doesn't need what things we could give. He gave it all to us first, to use for his cause and his glory. God is not hindered where the things of this world are concerned. He would give to us, to supply our needs. Paul wanted them to know God is alive. God commands men to repent because he has given the means for our salvation. Jesus is the one because he was raised from the dead and raised differently than the others. He took his life back - no one called him forth - and he lives forever. He came to provide for our salvation. Paul was there to tell them of Christ.

1 Corinthians 1:22-24

The apostle Paul had encountered both Jews and Greeks. When he preached Christ and him crucified, something in their thoughts got in the way. Matthew shows the signs fulfilled in Christ (for the Jews' sake). The Greeks' idolatry was more foolish than the idea that someone was raised from the dead. They considered it to be foolishness. Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God. We should be able to see God working in our life as we study him and give him our full consideration. You won't find anyone with clearer things to say than Christ. They world needs to know what Christ had to say. Get hold of the "thus saith the Lord." If you want wisdom - find Christ. Jesus is the answer and the sooner people get the answer the better it'll be.

Acts 10:36-43

This is what Peter had to tell Cornelius about. Jesus was baptized of John and then spread the gospel of peace and right. Jesus is still the same today. Some have changed the message of Jesus, but Jesus is still the same today. He will meet the needs of humanity if they'll turn to him. Things are not getting better because people aren't finding Jesus. We could put our faith in the teaching of a denomination, but it will not do what putting your faith in Jesus will do. You don't have to sin anymore. The world needs to hear of the Jesus that cleanseth from sin, the one that takes sin away. Our faith has to take hold of Jesus himself. Peter preached about Jesus; he was giving us a true story of how Jesus is, how Jesus did good. The disciples walked with him, saw his death AND resurrection. We can find the place of repentance before we go before the judge. If we don't, we'll lose. Jesus is not the judge yet - he is the Savior here to do good, meet our needs and put us in a right relationship with God. It is wonderful the work God has accomplished. We need to share that with others. If you don't know Jesus all your other knowledge won't make a difference. It's about knowing Christ, the friend of sinners at all levels. He preached to the poor and the rich alike. He spoke to the poor, to those that had need and difficulty. He helped them in their hour of need. Christ is just the same. He'll help in our needs today if we come to know him.

Romans 1:1-6

Paul - a servant of Jesus Christ. Christ's natural lineage was of David, but he was also a son of God with power. It is a greater thing to be a song of God with power than the descendent of a king. The resurrection proclaimed him to be the song of God. The putting to death of Christ, by the design of God, established the message. It proved him to be the son of God. The resurrection of Christ puts him apart from all other prophets. The others could not do what Jesus did. Paul received grace for obedience. Christ can help us to live and do right as we walk in His Spirit. "Among whom are ye also the called of Christ." He is still calling people today and reaching out for others today. We can know Christ as really as the apostle Paul did. His call was as direct as the other apostles. We too can be called and have grace and be obedient to God. Peter and Paul preached Christ as their personal Savior and friend. Christ's call is "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." We can live and serve and please him today.

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