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A Stench or a Savor

Bro. David Chancellor
7/4/1999 6:00 PM

Ecclesiastes 10:1

This verse describes something that was designed to smell good, but under the right conditions stank. The intent was that it would smell good. Flies are drawn to sweet smells. Once the fly died and was in the ointment - it stunk.

Exodus 30:22-33

God gave Moses a recipe for this ointment. This was not to be cosmetic, but it was to be put on things that were sanctified to God. There are a people that are sanctified to God. This was not a recipe to be replicated, but only used for that which was God's. When flies got in this ointment it stunk and was only set apart as garbage. It was no longer set apart as good or pure or holy.

Song of Solomon 1:3

This portrays something set apart for God and a good name. "... so doth a little folly to him that has a reputation for wisdom and honor..." Our life can have two effects: it can be sweet-smelling, or it can stink. If you aren't careful how you live every day, your testimony is going to stink. We want the blessing of God on us. We want to live in glory and honor toward God. A little folly can do a great damage in almost no time. It doesn't take much to hinder your testimony. We should be concerned that our life be effective for God. Even a little thing can ruin everything. We don't want flies to destroy our testimony for God. We remember the dear old saints for their consistent testimony. It's very important what we do every day of our life. The little things can't go unchecked. Live a clean and saintly life. It will be a testimony to the world. We want them to get the sweet smell.

Genesis 34:30

Simeon and Levi decided to take care of the problem on their own. Jacob's reputation was damaged because of their action. Our actions can make the cause of Christ stink to the world. Don't let the small flies get into your pot of ointment. By God's grace and help we need to show God forth. We need God's sweetness to shine forth. He wants us to be different - a shining light.

2 Corinthians 2:14-17

By God helping us to triumph, he makes us to triumph in every place. God wants the world to get the smell of that wonderful smelling sacrifice. We ware to be the sweet savor of Christ. if the dead flies keep falling in, it won't be a sweet and drawing smell. If we allow the dead flies in our life - the world won't see Jesus. Our daily life is important. Walk in the spirit of God. It takes God to manifest the sweet smell of Christ. Our life is to be that sweet savor of Christ. Don't corrupt the word of God, but make God known just the way he'd have it done. We don't want to go around giving people a piece of our mind. Our thoughts are better disposed of and God's thoughts put in their place. When we speak to a lost soul, we want to say it as God would have it said. We need to have the drawing power of Christ in our life.

Romans 8:11-14

It takes the spirit of God in us to walk in this life. If you through the spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live. The means of winning is to get rid of the dead flies by the Spirit of God. It takes the Spirit of God. If we walk in the Spirit we can show forth Christ. We can't do it on our own. By the Spirit we can stop doing things contrary to the will of God. Without the Spirit of God, the smell wouldn't have been sweet. The Spirit of God is absolutely essential. The Spirit of God made a difference in their lives (the disciples).

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