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Being as Children

Bro. David Chancellor
6/6/1999 6:00 PM

Luke 18:15-17

Infants were brought to Jesus, though they could not necessarily understand. You can't start too early teaching about God. It gives the child something they can't escape from; seeds that are planted for later in their life... to bring them back to God. Learning goes on at a very early age, and children pick up on things when you least expect it. The disciples rebuked those that brought the children. Children don't want to stay little - they're always looking forward and asking questions. They want to be big and do what the others do. What is our attitude toward being childlike? Many times it is a condescending and disdainful attitude that is there when this is brought. There are times when it is good to be simple like a child, not necessarily in understanding. Be as a little child trusting in God. We need a child's trust that God will look out for us and supply for us. There are a lot of things kids don't have to worry about; someone else takes care of it (primarily mom and dad). We have someone who can watch out for us, someone we can trust. There are things we could worry about; could try to handle the future, but we can and should trust it to God, follow his guidance, and let him work as he sees is best. Look to him to provide, help, watch over and care for us.

Psalms 103:13-18

The Lord pities his children just like a daddy does. He tries to spare them from difficulties, troubles and hard places in life. Job was concerned for his children and was no doubt touched when they were destroyed in the storm. God looks out for us. Dad's worry about their children and are interested in knowing about all the things in their lives - where they work, what they do... etc. How much more God cares what happens to us... and looks out for us! God knows how limited we are. Christ experienced the limitations. There are things we cannot grasp, hear nor see. Often we have a better idea of what we should have done after we have gone through a thing than prior to having gone through it. This is due to human limitations and because of this we need God, our Heavenly Father, to help us. Sometimes dads have a hard time doing things because their kids have their own idea of how things should be done. The kids settle for less than what they could have had because of their limited perspective. We ought to have a good grasp on what is described here in verse 15 - no matter how much rain we get in the spring... come a good hot south wind, the grass will all dry up and turn brown. Just let a few things come our way and in our own strength we will wilt. We need what God can provide. The Lord is faithful and his faithfulness should help us to trust as a child - simply believing without knowing every detail of how it is going to get done. We don't have to worry about how God is going to work it out, but just trust and let him work it in his own way. Sometimes he may not handle it like we think he ought, but he works it out for the best.

1 Peter 5:7

God's admonition - "You just be the child, give me your cares..." Put ALL your cares on God. We lots of times want to carry part of it and try to figure it out on our own, but usually we haven't figured out the answer, just come up with something, which may or may not be right. Time and time again humanity has thought they had it all figured out only to later learn that they were completely wrong. In analyzing others, you don't always have it all figured out... what they are thinking and feeling. How much better to hand situations we don't even begin to comprehend to God! If we can give it to God - he'll take care of it. God knows what's going on in all the situations... even when we don't have the whole picture. He can take care of it when we give it to him. Many attitudes and problems people have are due to people not knowing how to take their burdens to God and leave them there. Doing this doesn't mean you are shirking your responsibilities or shying away from what God would have, but you are just being his child and letting it go. We can't work it out. Some things we can't change even though we want to. It's better to put it on God and let him change and rearrange where we can't. He has the power to speak and make things happen contrary to nature. We can't change things that way. We can't stop the storm, but God can. Jesus was able to go to the disciples contrary to nature. Put your cares on him and let him work. Your carrying it won't change it. It's not becoming indifferent to the problem, but giving it to someone who can make a difference in it. Someone who cares... God is really the only one who can do something with the problem and he really cares. Someone that cares is one you can count on to do a good job... and go to great lengths to get it done right.

Mark 11:22-24

They had seen the power of God and Jesus' admonition to them is good for us even today. Have faith in God and trust him. If our faith can get a hold of what God can do he can supply. If children trusted their parents the way their parents trust God, the parents would be disappointed. We often question and worry and fret trying to make it all turn out right. Just believe and you can have. We want to increase our faith. Exercise your faith, take hold of what was promised, and bring your needs, wants, and desires to him. A child has no qualms about asking. With God, we probably don't ask enough. We often don't take in what God has for us. Trust and just be his child. Whatever you desire - take it to God, believe and let him work. Don't be a child in knowledge, wisdom and understanding, but in faith and trust... be as a child. We ought to be free to come and ask him for help in anything.

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