Moore Church of God

Moore Church of God - 701 S Eastern Ave - Sunday 9:30am & 6:00pm; Wednesday 7:00pm

Bro. David Chancellor
8/27/2000 6:00 PM

Luke 19:11-28

Jesus spoke the parable because they were close to Jerusalem and their expectation of the kingdom of God was incorrect. They expected a physical kingdom, but he came to establish a spiritual kingdom. There is some action for us to take in regard to our life and soul. We need to live in such a way as to be prepared when our king returns so that we can give an account. "Occupy till I come." Each of us has a space of time to occupy and fill up. How do we make use of the lifetime that God has given us? Two of the 10 servants had gotten gain by trading. One servant returned what was given. God's approval was on the gain and faithfulness of the two servants. What made the difference between the two that got gain, and the one that returned what was given? The one who did not gain was "fearful". God didn't intend that we live as a fearful people. Those that saw gain had some confidence. They weren't trying to meet requirements, but they went out to accomplish something. God intended more for us than to try to preserve our soul until we reach eternity. We aren't to live our lives always in fear that we won't make heaven. God wanted us to have confidence to live life abundantly for him and his service. God called us to do a work and to live a life of holiness before a lost world. A life lived in fear of the judgment does not accomplish much for God. The fearful one was not commended because he had done nothing wrong. God is able to do things, but he expects us to do something with our life to benefit his purpose. We aren't responsible for the choices and actions of others, but we will be accountable to God for what we did. Have you looked for that which you can do for God? Resisting the world is not enough. Holding our own is not enough. God will keep you free from sin. We aren't in fear and trembling lest something come and get us. God promised to keep us. We should be an influence on the world. Christ intended us to be able to stand for that which we believe in and what is right. Are we being a benefit to others, or are we leading a fearful life? Stephen left a testimony for the Apostle Paul to deal with. Stephen's life was effective, although short. Paul's life was an extension of the life that Stephen had lived. The effect of our testimony should carry on even after we are gone. God can bless most those that commit most to him. The more we turn things over to God, the greater the blessing will be. God has a work for us to do. It doesn't have to be much, even a glass of water... It's the kind word or encouragement that can be a help. "Little is much when God is in it." The great skyscraper is built floor by floor. A great life is built by continually doing what God would have us to do. You can be an example at home, work and school. Be faithful in little and God will give greater responsibility. The life of the fearful servant was a selfish life, lived with the thought, "Just how does this affect me?" We should look to see how things will affect God and his purpose. We can increase in the things of God. God has more to give us, but we have to be responsible and use what we already have been given. If we won't use what God has given to us, we will lose even that. We must work for God. He won't work in an identical manner in every life, but every life should be used to accomplish God's purpose. The seven others that would not serve got the same end reward as the one that did nothing - death. We are not here to count up our accomplishments for God, but here to be a benefit to others - a tool that God can use. God wants our whole life given over to him. Peter, James and John were not great scholars or blessed with all the leadership advantages, but God used theses lowly fishermen to accomplish his purpose. Our life must be completely given over to God for him to use. If we will live for him, we can hear "Well done" in the end.

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