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June 25, 2000 PM

Bro. David Chancellor
6/25/2000 6:00 PM

Luke 16:1-8

This is a story about a steward who wasted his master's goods and how he looked out for himself. He chose to play politics so he would have friends when he had nothing else. He was commended by his master for being wise. "The children of this world are wiser than the children of light." "We are made fools for Christ's sake." Wisdom depends on the perspective. These are people who feel we're fools for following God. There are two points of view: The "here and now" and the view that takes in the present AND eternity. "The children of this world IN THIS GENERATION are wiser..." In the eyes of this world, politics is the game to play to be accepted by others. God would have our decisions to be made taking into consideration both this world and the next. We aren't out for a popularity contest. This world's view - "Go with the crowd." Our view - "Go with God." This world's wisdom is not the same as the wisdom of God. The world says, "What profit is there for me regardless of others?" God's people say, "Will I be right with God? How will this affect my relationship with God?" Life here is not even lived in one day. You may think it is good now, but what about later?

1 John 4:3-6

The pivotal question is Christ. There are two spirits: one that says he came in the flesh, one that says he did not. Christ came and died and lives in us. The spirit of God in us is greater than he that is in the world. The world has its own language and interests. We have ours too. We talk about God and holy things. The world speaks of godless and unholy things. So many are listening to the wrong voice. Many listen to Hollywood. They may think things are going great, but spiritually things are not. We may not be viewed as wise, wonderful or popular, but we hope that others will glimpse that we have an anchor that will hold steadfast. Many of the things people give themselves to are temporal and short-term. We need to look at the long-term and what God has to say. Each and all of us have a passing away day. This world is a short-term deal. Regardless of what people think about Christ's return, they will have to face him someday. We prepare for many things that MIGHT happen. We need to prepare for eternity, because it WILL happen. "There are two things sure in life, death and taxes." We may not be viewed as being too wise. The wise choice is to prepare for something that is sure to happen.

2 Timothy 4:10

There is a present world and many of life's decisions are made in the present tense. We don't have to make the decisions for only now. It may be what you want now, but will it be regretted forever after? What we do now has consequences that go with it. Paul had a life with about all you could cram in it. Choosing anything at the expense of your soul is a bad choice. Life goes beyond the present, the here and now. The world encompasses the feelings, attitudes, and actions. Acceptance and approval - people sell out for that, not just people out in the depth of wickedness. We can sell out for acceptance in the smallest of ways. Will you sell out to be part of the "in" crowd, and refuse to help the downcast and thrown aside? Christ helped the down and out. Our actions need to be motivated by how we'd have it be if Christ was looking on. That's how it is in reality. The world is pulling Christ is watching. We need to take a stand. Taking a stand is being able to reach out when no one else will. Jesus wasn't willing to sacrifice what was right for what was politically expedient. Keep the point of view "there's an eternity ahead."

1 Corinthians 15:19

There's more to it than this present world. Many people live with no expectation beyond today and it is a miserable existence. There is something beyond this life. There is meaning to what is being done down here. We're not just another "chemical process floating around polluting the environment", nor are we an extension of animal life. We have a purpose - to show the love of God to others, to share the load, to be a friend to the friendless. Take time to care. It is our calling. Think of the future of our soul and others. You can have the wisdom of this world or the true wisdom. We can have the approval of the world or we can have that which is expedient for eternity.

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