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Bro. David Chancellor
5/7/2000 6:00 PM

Luke 18:1-8

"Men ought always to pray and not to faint..." was the message of the parable. The emphasis is often placed on the widow. Sometimes we overlook things because of our perspective. "Hear what the unjust judge says..." The widow said "Avenge me of my adversary..." and kept coming and saying (nagging). The unjust judge says "...Unless I do something she's gonna wear me out..." When things are nagging at us - do something about it - pray. We'll encounter problems in life that will try to drag us down, but we should just get on our knees and get down to business in prayer. Put the excuses aside. Do this with things that would come to destroy salvation. Pray through to victory. When things come to trouble you - pray. There is NO reason to be turned aside from God. God can change the course of events in your life. God is faithful. You can count on him, but you need to ASK for help. (Seek and ye shall find...) Will people be seriously seeking God when he comes again? Are you taking action to deal with the problems you face? Will you seek God and put confidence in him? We ought always to pray and not to faint. Put in what is needed to get the desired results. (1 Peter 5:7). This is an admonition to us. Cast the burdens on God. He would have us succeed.

Revelation 2:1-3

"...for [his] name's sake has laboured, and hast not fainted..." Things we value in life require labor. Work can be enjoyable when it brings good things at the end. Be faithful in service to God. You won't prosper spiritually if you have a "do-nothing" experience.

Acts 6:1-4

Difficulty will arise. Life has its problems (both mental and otherwise battles). They could have focused on the problem. Instead, they figured out a way to handle them without changing the focus from what was important. Don't ever let up on prayers when problems come. Problems are solved through prayer. Be faithful in prayer. Through prayer, victories are won.

James 5:13, 14

"Is any among you afflicted?" Afflicted - persecuted, things coming against you. If things are giving you difficulty - pray. Pray, unload the cares, troubles and worries. If you will - there will be more happiness and you will be able to sing. We can have something to sing about. Don't let things weary you. Pray and overcome.

Luke 21:34-36

"Take heed to yourself..." We need to pray about ourselves, in order to get the victory. Watch out for the "corroding cares of life." They will eat away at you. Be careful not to let this happen. Don't be so taken in that you lose touch with what is going on. It will come to everyone. We don't want to be caught by surprise. If you stay where you should be, you needn't worry about being taken unaware. Watch and pray so that you can escape. "...that you may be accounted worthy to escape these things that shall come to pass and to stand before the son of man..." Pray and don't faint for the good of your soul. God invites us to come to him - boldly, asking for help in time of need. Take heed and pray when things come against you. Be an overcomer.

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