Moore Church of God

Moore Church of God - 701 S Eastern Ave - Sunday 9:30am & 6:00pm; Wednesday 7:00pm

Bro. Ron Rupé
5/21/2000 6:00 PM

Joel 2:28; 3:9-14

Vision: "Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision..." in the valley of judgment. Do you see the many, many people waiting on judgment? There is a battle set in array. The Lord's mighty ones will come down to this valley and the heathen will come up to this valley. The battle is meant to execute judgment on the lost. Why? Because of their great wickedness. This war is the Lord's doing because of their wickedness. It speaks of a sickle. This does not speak of harvesting souls for God. This is not a harvesting sickle. It is a "grim reaper" sort of sickle. The wicked here are wicked to the full - they are completely wicked. God is going to meet out his judgment. In just one swipe they all fall. Do you have compassion on the multitudes? The world is waiting for God's judgment. The fall of the multitudes would be a terrible sight. Would you plead for it to stop? Who can stop the judgment of our God? Can you see the terror and fear on their faces? Even if it were strangers, it would be a terrible sight to behold. They are not strangers. They're family and friends - people you care for. The sickle is ready to fall. The condition of the multitudes: their wickedness is great, full of unbelief, deceitful and deceivers, rebellious, indifferent, resentful, bitter, and resistant. Should it change your burden? Should it change your vision? It should bring a greater burden. If they weren't this way, they wouldn't even be there. Don't let the attitudes they have cause you to become indifferent to their great need. All are doomed.

Ezekiel 22:29-31

How should we respond to the vision? None were found to stand in the gap.

Ezekiel 13:5

God doesn't want to destroy the multitudes. He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked. God is looking for someone to stand up for the multitudes. What does it mean to stand in the gap? Faithfully exhort, reprove and counsel with all longsuffering for the multitudes, by prayer, example, and advice given for the salvation of these souls. God wants you to stand in the gap and work to bring salvation for people's souls. Will you go?

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