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Bro. David Chancellor
5/14/2000 6:00 PM

1 Samuel 7:3-13

The Israelites wanted to come back to the Lord. Samuel told them to put all other gods away and serve the Lord only. If they did these things, he would deliver them from all their troubles. We need to serve God as well as expect him to help in troubles. Sometimes troubles will magnify themselves as we seek God's help in dealing with them. Don't give up praying when troubles come. The Philistines were defeated by a fear of thunder - a change in the weather. God is able to take things and use them in ways we don't even think about. We shouldn't tell God how to fix a problem. He knows how to do it to bring glory to his name. Samuel set up a stone as a memorial - a way to remember. In our lives we need to have a way to remember. In our lives we need to have some "stones of remembrance" to be a help and encouragement to us later in life. This rock was just a rock, but the memorial was in the value tied to it. Some things we may not want to remember, but things that can help us we want to remember.

John 6:38

Jesus is our example of godliness. He showed us how we should be God-like. As you do his will you will bear resemblance to God.

Joshua 4:1-8

12 stones (1 for each tribe) were set up to memorialize then and for future years the crossing of the Jordan. It became an opportunity to teach future generations of the things of God. Written testimonies are a memorial of what God can do. Mile markers encourage because they show progress.

Joshua 24:22-27

Another benefit of making markers along the way is a reminder of the choice that was made. We can have reminders to keep us in the way we have chosen. We'll have to answer for what we've said to God. We will be a witness against ourselves. This can encourage us to do what we've said we'd do. You might come to a place where no one else will encourage you; it is then that you must encourage yourself. People in times past did a work for God and their testimonies can be an encouragement to us today that God can still move and work. We need to stop along the way and tell what God has done for us. Peter wanted to stir up their minds to remembrance of what God had done.

2 Peter 1:12-14

He saw the need to remind them of some things. God can still accomplish a work today. We can find encouragement and uplifting by the waymarks on the road and in the word of God. There will be challenges come, but be settled to go through to victory, remembering that God has helped before and he'll do it again. What encourages us can encourage others too.

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