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Bro. David Chancellor
4/2/2000 6:00 PM

Romans 14:1

"Him that is weak in the faith, receive ye..." We have an interest and obligation to those that are weak, and to ourselves. We want everyone to prosper in the things of God. If everyone was saved, what a place this would be. We need to be an encouragement to the "weak" ones. By God's strength we can be settled in the things of God.

Acts 20:29-35

The wolves are often after the weak ones of the flock - the easy catch. The weak ones need to be built up and supported. There is necessity of warning of pitfalls. If we want to be strong, stay on the word of God - not the words of men. Our goal is not to win people to us - but to God. We need to win their confidence so they will listen, but we need to point them to God. God's word is a strong place to stand. God's word will build you up. Paul was there for what he could give them. We need to work to give. In our relationships to others we need to be able to give. Befriend the friendless - see what you can give.

1 Thessalonians 5:12-15

Know those that are an influence in your life. Seek out good influences. "Be at peace among yourselves." We need to be able to work together. We all need encouragement at times. Be patient towards everyone. Patience is a profitable exercise. Evil for evil leads nowhere, it escalates the problem. "follow that which is good, both among yourselves and to all..." Be good to all, wherever you find yourself. Encourage the weak wherever you find them.

2 Corinthians 9:19-23

We want to be free from "all men" (fads, trends and public opinion). Be totally obligated to God and seeking his acceptance. There is an effect caused by our actions with others. Don't put anything in the road to your being a help. Live in such a way as not to hinder the salvation of others. Support the weak. Be aware of the effect your actions will have.

Romans 14:1-3

God came to save sinners. When we came to God we were bound by sin and had picked up a lot of ideas along the way. There needs to be some growth in our understanding. In repentance we establish what we know. God expects us to live to what we know and that knowledge be ever increasing. Supporting the weak - strengthening their knowledge. Receive them - desire to help - share your knowledge in a teaching way. Don't get caught up in disputes. Discussion is one thing - a dispute is another. In a dispute, everyone gets their point said, but no one has been heard. We don't want to question the will of God. We want the word of God straight. We don't want to be shaken in our stand with God. We seek to learn more. Don't be shaken from what God has us to stand on. You won't be much support if your footing isn't secure. Sure foundation is God's word. The word of God is forever settled.

1 Timothy 6:1-5

Paul admonishes them to give thought to how they live. The goal of the Bible wasn't to restructure society. Be godly whatever position or situation you find yourself in. Consider how your actions will reflect on the name of God. Do good work for the boss. Consider your part. If a man won't consent to wholesome words, God's words and doctrine according to godliness - he is proud, knowing nothing, doting on questions and strife of words. Questions motivated by debate don't deserve an answer. What comes from our position? Gain is not godliness. A large crowd or lots of money doesn't make something godly, but things that are according to the will of God.

Philippians 2:12-16

We need to be settled. God's people will do right because it is right. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Do all things without fussing and complaining. We want to be a light - holding forth the word of God. We want to stay settled and be a light.

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