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Bro. David Chancellor
2/20/2000 6:00 PM

Ezekiel 13:1-7, 21-23

He points out that many voices can speak, but not all is of God. There were false prophets as well as true. Some were prophesying out of their own hearts as being from God. We will all believe something. What are these beliefs built on? Are they built on the words of God, or on the words of man? God won't say things that are completely opposite and both of them be true. We want to be sure that what we believe is "thus saith the Lord." Not every voice speaking is of God. We're as likely to hear the ideas of man, just as in Ezekiel's day. Seek out to see if what you hear is true. There are people hoping that what they have accepted is true. God won't confirm what is wrong. We want to know the truth prior to eternity. We want a sure foundation to build on. Build on what God has said. These false prophets made the righteous sad and strengthened the wicked. God never intended for that. If this is what it does, then it is not of God.

2 Thessalonians 2:8-12

One that would prophesy of his own heart rather than what God says, is spoken of here. Even the devil can quote scripture "with all power, and signs, and lying wonders..." Look at the righteousness rather than the power, signs and lying wonders. There needs to be a seeking after righteousness. How are people living in their daily life? The devil would have you believe that you could live unrighteously and still make heaven in the end. It is the "deceivableness of unrighteousness." You cannot be unrighteous and not perish. You will believe something: God or a lie. Do you have a love for the truth and finding it, or will you latch on to something to excuse your behavior? If someone is disregarding what God has to say, then they aren't doing fine. We're going to believe something. You can either seek out God, or settle for the thoughts of man. You will only find the truth as God's spirit moves on your heart to help you understand. The revelation of God makes the difference. God would have us to hear from heaven, but we have to listen, to pay attention. He will help us to know right and wrong, and that which is contrary to God. There are plenty of delusions out there if you don't want to believe God. Plenty of people deceive themselves. If unrighteousness is in your life, things are not fine. Many people's thought when sinning is "I'll get by." When we're disobeying God's word, it is a delusion to believe that we will get by. Seek to know what God has to say. Don't seek to justify a thing, but seek God's will for you.

John 7:15-18

Jesus didn't have a "degree" to know what God has to say. He had heard from the one that wrote them. He knew what the scriptures said and what the truth was. You'll know what the truth is when you have God. Are we committed to do the will of God? This is how we will know the truth. Submit to God and he will show you his will. "He that speaketh of himself seeketh his own glory." Whose glory is being sought after? Are you seeking God's glory, will and plan? It's not "our glory", but that God be heard. We can only know as much as what God shows us. God gave us the Bible to point us in the right direction. Read it to see what God has to say.

John 6:60-65

Sometimes when the truth comes it is a hard thing to understand and grasp, but it doesn't mean we can't hear it. He will provide a way for you to know. You must listen when the spirit speaks to your heart. The things we hear and see are how we learn the spiritual things of God. Let the spirit work on you. ALL words convey a spirit. As we receive words, we need to consider the spirit that is behind it. Words come in all kinds of ways and have a big impact. We don't want to receive that which would be contrary to the good of our soul. TV has caused a great detriment to society. It has profound influence on people's lives. Be careful of spirits in words. We don't want our attitudes influenced contrary to the word of God. Some things God accepts, some things he doesn't (ex: homosexuality is unrighteousness). Who will you hear? Stay with what you find in the Bible. Our soul's eternal position will be determined by what we choose to believe. We want to choose God's words. People in Ezekiel's day believed what the false prophets said because they liked it better. We need to believe God's word and what he has said. "When" isn't the issue, but "will it happen?" or "won't it?". Live as though you'll stand before God. Seek his will, word and way. What God says is what matters.

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