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Bro. David Chancellor
1/30/2000 6:00 PM

2 Peter 2:7-9

Sin of Sodom was a vexation to Lot's soul. It will vex the soul of the saved. Sin is a sad, disappointing and hurtful thing. The world makes light of sin. There is nothing amusing about sin.

Galatians 5:18-21

"If you're led of the Spirit, you are not under the law..." God brought things greater than the law. Men that do the things listed here "and such like" cannot inherit the kingdom of God. These things bring vexation, so why would anyone want them? Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness = every form of sexual sin and immorality there is, including homosexuality, leaves people feeling degraded and used and lowers there the estimation of others, causing us to look at one another in a beastly way (makes us animals), and lowers our estimation of mankind. Idolatry - the worship of a physical object as God; immoderate attachment or devotion to something; covetousness. (ex: the worship of $$). No thing should take that kind of a place with us. God is a person, a power, not a thing, and no thing should take his place. Sports should not be worshipped. Playing a game of ball isn't the same as your whole life being sports. Witchcraft - use of sorcery, magic, involvement with evil spirits, irresistible, fascination. This form of sin takes and destroys the mind through fears. It takes the ability to reason. Hatred - prejudice, hostility, animosity, hurtful to self and others. In hatred you carry every problem of the person you hate. Variance - state of being in disagreement - always disagreeable. We should understand others and try to be understood. God can bring us to a place of agreement. Emulation - ambition to equal or excel, ambitious rivalry. With this you'll always be putting others down, and running to "keep up". It's like being on a treadmill - always running and getting nowhere. It's better to have contentment with God. Be happy where he has put you. Wrath - violent anger, rage - hurtful to others. God can set you free from "road rage." Wrath will eat you up and make you miserable. People find happiness in life by being helpful, by living for the benefit and good of others. Strife - bitter, sometimes violent conflict, acts of contention, fighting. We, as God's people, want to stand for the right without strife. We don't have to fight with flesh and blood. We resist the devil, but we aren't out to argue and fight with others. We don't have to argue with people about God's word. Seditions - incitement of resistance or insurrection to lawful authority. This is what some people do in opposition to abortions. We can be opposed to the wrong and still be subject to lawful authority. God's people can suffer things without creating a mob and uprising. Heresies - "departure from orthodox doctrine" - to take for one's self, to separate into parties, to cause division, to draw men to you, sometimes manifested in erroneous doctrine, a "party" spirit, "let's have our own little group." We are to draw people to God - not "us". We aren't to be exclusive. God would have all men to come to him. There's still a separation between right and wrong. Are we pulling people to God or to us? Befriend the "unpopular." Sin, in its variant manifestations, is hurtful in every case. Envy - a painful, resentful awareness of the advantage of others. Envious people will always feel bad. On account of envy, Christ was crucified. Envy produces hateful deeds towards others. If God blesses others, it doesn't take anything from us (or shouldn't). The advantages we enjoy do not necessarily make us better people. Seeming advantage shouldn't cause us to envy. Murders - to kill others. Drunkenness - to have the faculties impaired by alcohol and/or drugs - not able to think right. People's minds are destroyed and families are destroyed by drunkenness. Inability to make rational choices. It hurts all of society. It's destructive. God can set you free. Revelings - wild parties. We can get together, have a good time, and go home happy, without being wild. The world paints a picture of sin like its a good thing, but it is miserable. God can set you free from sin. With God you will find life at its best.

Hebrews 11:24-26

There are seeming pleasures of sin, but there aren't true pleasures there. Moses choice was a good one. We can't remember the name of the Pharaoh, but who hasn't heard of Moses. Moses saw many miracles and the workings of God for the Israelites. He saw God as no other has/had. When Moses died, God conducted the funeral. Serving God is still the smart choice.

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