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Bro. David Chancellor
10/4/1998 6:00 PM

Romans 5:1-5

It speaks here of our salvation, our experience and standing with God, when it speaks of a hope that maketh not ashamed. You could hope for the unobtainable and have your expectations disappointed - this is a hope that maketh ashamed. The Christian's hope is not a hope that bringeth shame. It will more than meet our expectations, if it is in God.

Romans 8:23-25

We hope for that which we have not yet received. Eternal security promotes that there is no way to miss heaven, and if this is true, then you already have attained this, and where is the hope that is spoken of here? Rather, we endure with patience because of this hope.

Proverbs 23:4, 5

Riches is one of the hopes that can make ashamed. Felix is an example of this. He was holding Paul prisoner that he might get more money. He forfeited the hope of an eternal reward for money.

II Timothy 3:5-7

"Ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth." Why is this? Because they have the form without the power, and this renders their hopes unattainable. Hope isn't built on knowledge and forms. Formalities do not bring hope. The Spirit of God brings hope. When the Spirit is dwelling within there is hope. There is no disappointment in Jesus, for he meets all expectations.

Colossians 1:23-27

Christ abiding in the soul gives a real hope of heaven. If we're going to have the hope of heaven, we must make the proper preparation and have "Christ in you". We can't base our hope on the experience of others.

I Peter 1:3-6

It is a living hope. We have been born into a family with a good inheritance. Earthly inheritance fades away. Something might happen that you don't get that inheritance. The hope of our heavenly inheritance will make us greatly rejoice. God has enough for each and every one... even if all the world were to get saved.

Hebrews 7:18, 19

We have a better hope than they had. The old law just didn't get the job done. They could not have the Holy Spirit within. The work could not be done as it was under Christ. They had rituals, but God gave a better hope. How much better it is to have God within!

II Corinthians 5:1

This is our hope because of the presence of God. We don't want to settle for the forms, the acceptance of men... a dead hope. We want to build on the hope of Christ. It will be far beyond our expectations. We have a hope that maketh not ashamed.

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