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Bro. David Chancellor
9/13/1998 6:00 PM

I John 3:18-22

Don't love in word and tongue... but in deed and in truth. The one that still has guilt in their life can't have confidence toward God. If your heart condemns you... God is greater than your heart, but if there is nothing between you and God there is no condemnation. - I maintain a conscience void of offense toward God and man. (Acts 24:16). So, it is possible. It's a little difficult to pray if there's something between you and God. Where does condemnation come from?

Romans 14:22

Condemnation comes upon the heart of man by the things that he allows. We like (as humans) to place the blame on others, but condemnation comes by what we allow. If you don't do the wrong thing there won't be condemnation. Don't allow/do/make room for that which is wrong. It's not what others allow that causes the problem, but what you allow. We can demand more of ourselves than what others demand. You shouldn't have to be pressured to live right. Pay attention to what you allow, for that's the serious thing as far as this life is concerned.

John 3:16-21

God loves humanity. He wants good things for us. God didn't send his Son to condemn. Here's the condemnation, that men were set to go on in their evil way. Men liked those evil deeds. They hate the light because it makes them accountable. There are people who are "willingly ignorant." Anyone who is willing NOT to pursue the truth has some evil that they don't want to face. We come to the truth because we want to make sure we are living right. We want to know more of the truth.

Romans 7:19-25; 8:1-4

People would stop at the end of the seventh chapter and they will continue in condemnation. The freedom from condemnation mentioned in chapter 8 is not the freedom of a seared conscience. He provides for us to walk in the Spirit that we can be obedient to him and have freedom from condemnation. God takes the guilt and the load. When people laze and goof off it brings guilt... When you are obeying god's word and doing what you're supposed to do... there is no guilt.

John 8:3-11

The woman and her accusers all had a load of guilt and had condemnation of their own hearts. Her accusers tried to find fault with Christ. His message to her was... "Neither do I condemn... Go and live a life that will no longer bring you condemnation. Make the most of your freedom from sin... stay free from condemnation and guilt..."

John 5:24

He is able to walk in the spirit and he shall not come into condemnation... enjoy God's presence and blessings, walk with him...

Romans 8:31-34

"If God be for us, who can be against us..." Choose God's side to be on... that is the important side to choose. When God paid such a price, what will he hold back? God has provided everything for us... we just need to ask. Would the one that justified us bring a charge against us? No, he pardoned us. Would he go and dredge up a past sin to bring against us... No... We aren't presenting a God that's out to get you, but a God that came to save and keep. If we are condemned it is because of what we have allowed in our life. The problem is not with Christ... he says "come boldly"... it is the problem of the individual that continues to sin.

Luke 6:35-38

God is "kind to the unthankful and the evil..." His children should be the same way. Be kind to all mankind. There is no place where God's children are called to be unkind. Just as God went to no effort to add to others condemnation and guilt... we also should not. We shouldn't spend all our time trying to put condemnation on others. We should be a forgiving people, be merciful and willing to forgive. We should endeavor, like the Apostle Paul, to have a conscience void of offense. He had confidence in his standing with God. When we have this confidence, we too can say, "There is therefore now no condemnation..."

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