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Bro. David Chancellor
3/14/1999 6:00 PM

1 Thessalonians 4:3, 4

It is the will of God that all know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honor. It's God's will that we are possessed of his spirit and our life be the life of Christ down here. It's important that people make a start, but God intended something deeper than that.

Hebrews 13:10-13

Many people talk about Judeo-Christian this or that. Judaism and Christianity are 2 separate things. Christianity does not require the blood of beasts, but of Christ. God has provided salvation and ALL people need to come to Christ. Jesus felt sanctification was so important that he went to the cross for it. He suffered "without the gate" - outside of the religion of the Jews.. He was rejected, turned aside. As far as the things that are accepted and highly esteemed of this world - we also need to be "without the gate."

John 17:13-23

Christ's earthly ministry was coming to an end - God's work begins at justification - but he would have the work completed - a pure sanctified heart. We need to be a testimony to the world. The world doesn't like hypocrisy either. We need hearts sanctified - people that are overcoming evil with good. Sanctification helps to "keep from" the world. As we teach people about the church - we need to teach sanctification - when we have a bunch of justified and sanctified people, we'll have the church. Bro. Warner emphasized sanctification - people need motive and desires purified.. Sanctification makes the difference. Christ prayed "sanctify them so they'll be unified." Sanctification is not JUST a second form - but it is a work in the heart.. and the fruit of the Spirit should be produced in our lives. Christ put a lot on the experience of sanctification. This is the message the world needs to get today.. we need the Holy Ghost and need to live a holy life. Sanctification is still an absolute necessity.

Ephesians 5:25-27

Christ gave himself for the church. Sanctification is FOR THE CHURCH. A person could be in the church and not be sanctified, but the church won't prosper if they stay that way. When a person is able to receive it they should come up to the fullness of salvation. A glorious church is produced when sanctification is the issue. As long as man still has some problems in his soul, there will be spots and wrinkles. Don't just settle for justification.. we need that second cleansing - we want a glorious church. When self dies (this is a spiritual death) then the Spirit of God can come in. The glory of the church is in sanctification. Christ bought sanctification for the church.

Hebrews 2:9-13

Christ established what the sanctified life is by example. The sanctified and Christ are all of one nature - Christ's nature. If they're all of one nature then they'll be unified. Humanity all has a contrary nature and won't come together as one until they all have one nature. Sanctified ones are of the same nature as Christ and are all brothers. When the church has the nature of Christ - he will be praised there. Sanctification in the heart is what makes the difference. Sanctification is about God dwelling in us and our nature being like Christ.

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