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Bro. David Chancellor
1/30/2000 11:00 AM

Titus 2:1-15

Paul is admonishing Titus of the things that become sound doctrine. There was admonition for all; that the aged men be sober <- this needs to be the goal for the young men (similarly with the aged women and young women). Sober - sedate, grave or thoughtful character, no inclination to extremes, be a calm even-tempered person. Sobriety is for all. Consider the results of actions in our life. Grave - dignified in demeanor. Temperate - keeping/holding within limits. Sound in faith - not a collection of ideas, but the essence of our being, our core beliefs that we live by. Be sound in love toward others. Be sound in your ability to endure. Things in life take time. We need to be patient. We need holiness of life (behavior). Holiness of heart will not exist without holiness of behavior. We want to see things as they really are. The aged women were to be teachers. Women have a part to play in the advancement of God's work. Salvation has a part and place for each one. Share experiences. Learn to be sober. "Teach to love." There are things we can learn about loving others - in spite of irritations, good and not so good qualities. We can learn to have love as a way of living - a genuine care and concern. Discreet - having/showing discernment in conduct and speech; capable of prudent silence, has to do with social upbringing - there's a time and place for everything; having good judgment; learn etiquette; know how to behave in a given situation. Chaste - pure; behavior becoming God's children. Keepers at home - "stayers at home"; to guard the home; making the home what it is.

1 Timothy 5:13, 14

These were learning to be idle and going from house to house carrying stories. He recommends that they would marry, have children, guide and guard the house and the children. Keep the home to be something where the children can grow up in the right direction. The home is where the children are taught. Keepers at home doesn't just mean keeping it clean and neat, but also, guiding and training. Good - agreeable and pleasant. Young men are to be sober also.

Titus 2:6, 7

Life should be continuous good works. We need uncorruptness of doctrine, gravity, sincerity. v. 8 sound speech - so that those that are opposite won't have bad things to say of you. v. 9 - this is for the work environment - backtalk is unacceptable. Be agreeable on the job. v. 10 - purloin = steal; not stealing. Be a good, faithful worker. As we live that which is sound doctrine, we want others to find the grace of God without being hindered by us. We want others to receive the goodness of God's grace, thus we deny ungodliness and worldly lusts, and that we should live soberly, righteously and godly in this present world. We need to live holy and treat others right, because of what God has done. We have the expectation of the Lord's return. Christ died for us that we might live free from sin. Peculiar = special, a people set apart for his own. All that will come will be part of his special people. We aren't better than anyone else. Be zealous of good works. We should naturally want to do good. If you have to be pushed to do good, be concerned. God's people look for good things to do. They are motivated to do what's right. Sound doctrine hasn't changed. We want everyone to be saved. We don't want to discourage people from seeking God, but encourage them in a way that's right.

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