Moore Church of God

Moore Church of God - 701 S Eastern Ave - Sunday 9:30am & 6:00pm; Wednesday 7:00pm

Bro. David Chancellor
1/2/2000 11:00 AM

John 4:34-38

Our purpose should be to do God's will and to finish his work. We should fulfill the plan he has for us. He has a purpose and plan for our life. The harvest is ready to be taken in. Human nature is to procrastinate. Conditions don't have to be perfect; the time is now. If we would work for God we need to realize the time is now. Don't miss today's opportunities to do the work of the Lord. People are being ruined by sin and needing help. They are ripe to hear the gospel message, the message of deliverance from the power of sin. Salvation isn't a certificate you can hang on the wall, but it is deliverance. If people's lives are in trouble, they need to hear Jesus. There are things in the harvest for our good as well.

Ecclesiastes 11:1-6

As people, we only want to invest in a winner. Things are as they are. If you wait for circumstances to be perfect you'll never get anything done. We don't want to look and judge, because we don't understand what God is doing. God doesn't tell us everything about every body. Do the work and let God give the results. Have something to offer. The way to get God's work done is to work. God knows how things are.

John 4:6-26

We need to do the work of an evangelist. Jesus never just "sat there." We need to first of all make contact. You have to come in contact with people. Sometimes people don't know what we've got to offer. We need to peak their curiosity as to what we have. Because of Jesus, what we have to offer will last. It's better than just old religion. When you talk to people about God, "religion" isn't the important thing - GOD is. Our goal isn't to "get people to church", but to get people to GOD. We want people to worship God in spirit and in truth. The world needs to find JESUS, the one who will make a difference in their life and give them salvation, deliverance, and add them to his church. We should lead others in the direction of Christ. Recommend that people find Christ. There's a work to be done. People need the deliverance of God.

Mark 4:26-29

We don't know how everything works to the finish, but we know when it comes to the finish it's time to harvest. Christ has come and deliverance is there for souls under the power of sin. Let's be about the master's work.

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