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Unity... the Focusing of Christ Our Light

Bro. David Chancellor
2/21/1999 6:00 PM

Matthew 5:14-16

"Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid." God intended that we would come together as the light of the world. A city, and just a light out there, are different. A city is much more noticeable than just a light out there. God wants the church to be his lighthouse. Our coming together helps us and shines out to others. We invite others among us so that they can get the greater effect. The work of the church is to give light and to save lives. We want others to find salvation.

2 Corinthians 4:5-6

"We preach not ourselves..." We aren't out to tell the world about us, but about Christ. Are we giving him the glory.. or is it "see us"? The disciples and apostles constantly put forth Jesus. Jesus is the point that everything else is related to. If our light shines it can give others knowledge of the glory of God through Christ Jesus. We want Christ to shine out to others through our hearts.

John 17:12-23

As we consider Christ's prayer, the thought was, while I was here I kept them, but he wanted them to continue to be kept and in unity. The thought wasn't that they be "accepted" of one another, to have good people to associate with, but that people would know that Christ was THE ONE. Our unity is that Christ would shine brighter. We come together "that the world might see JESUS in us." It isn't for just good associates, but that we might be a better witness to a lost and dying world. Unity is there that we may be a bright shining light. We know that the Spirit of God brings his people together, to get God's message across (v. 23). We want our light to shine clearly and brightly that we can bring glory to his name and to his work.

Matthew 18:19-20

Where two or three come together to lift up Christ's name - he is there. As the numbers increase, the light should shine brighter. The two or three were walking with God and then his greatness is seen more in the group. We want him to be visible to all that are looking on, to show God, to enhance the light, we want to focus the light. Christ would have his people to magnify and focus the light of his spirit.

Revelations 21:10-11

When we come together the light should shine brighter. We aren't just trying to assemble people together .. to just get a crowd. God's church should have the glory of God - her light clear as crystal. The Lord wants our light to be clear as crystal. A laser is so bright because it's all lined up together. We want our understanding of his word to be clear and shine forth through us. VERSES 22-27 "I saw no temple there for the Lord and the Lamb are the temple of it..." We don't have to look to some place, we can have God with us. The city didn't have need of sun or moon - Christ is the source of light. We're just the lens. He wants to be able to shine out through us. "The gates of it shall not be shut..." Whenever people meet God's condition they are a part of God's church. Getting saved is NOT dependent on being in a church building. It IS dependent on you getting down to business with God. THE GATES ARE NOT SHUT!!! Wherever you get saved .. you get saved.. God works the work and he is not dependent on them being in a church building. People can get saved wherever God shines in their heart and they settle it. We expect to see them want to manifest that which has been wrought through a changed life, and a desire to be with the saints. Though the gates are not shut, nothing bad will get in. We don't have to open or shut the door to keep out that which defiles. Those that are wanting to hold on to that which is wicked won't come to the light. If we will live close to God - a bright shining light will keep the wicked things out. God has a way of dealing with problems that arise. The way people secure their houses from theft are bright lights. As far as God's church is concerned, let's just keep the gates open and the light shining. Let Christ work in each heart and each life and come together to lift up Jesus. We want the light to be brighter. Our work is to let the world see and be drawn to Him.

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