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Bro. David Chancellor
12/20/1998 11:00 AM

Luke 2:10-14

We're glad that the good tidings of great joy were to all people. Everyone is in line for the good tidings of great joy. It would be a rich world if everyone had faith and the grace of God. After direction was given to find him this was said "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace..." There is not peace on the earth right now because men have not made their peace with God. The good news is there is goodwill from God to men. God offered peace to those who were not pleasing to him.

Matthew 10:34-37

There is a war between right & wrong, good & evil. It will not end; there is no peace in that war. There can be no reconciliation between right and wrong while this world stands. There will be variance in the families. Will you have peace with God or with sinful men? We are not out to agitate people, but the important thing to keep sight of, the thing that matters, is that we have peace with God. We have to decide which side we'll be on. God's offering us a choice still today - peace with God, or with sinful men.

James 4:1-2

The reason war is still with us is because men have depraved natures still. There will still be war as long as men have a depraved nature, or until God gives them the victory over it. Depravity is more than just man struggling to survive; it is sinful and wicked desires in the heart of man. The only way that war will be ended is for men to get victory in their soul. We can have peace with God and not have that warlike nature in us.

Isaiah 53:5, 6

Here's a description of the problem and the solution. Humanity was on the wrong side. We had all turned to our own way. God, through Christ, made a way for reconciliation. We yielded our kingdom to Christ and have been translated into his kingdom. Right now we can be reconciled to God. Many have come to the conclusion that peace with God is for another time, that they can't be born again in this life. How glad we are that we can have peace now.

Isaiah 12:1-3

He's speaking here of the gospel day. God's anger can be turned away. To the wicked God would seem to be an angry God, one that is out to exact every bit of what is due. But, God provided the means for peace. Resist the devil - which side are you going to be at peace with? God can be your father instead of your enemy. With God as your father, instead of you fighting against him, he is fighting for you. We don't have to defend or uphold ourselves. He'll do it for us. "Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation." We're glad it wasn't just tidings, but that it was really so. We're glad he bought our peace.

Ephesians 2:11-17

At one time we were without Christ, aliens, strangers, without hope, but we have been drawn nigh by the blood of Christ. He brought peace between Jew and Gentile (in the church back then), and provided that BOTH might have peace with God. It was the same message to both. God desires to have peace with mankind. Peace with your fellowman comes once peace with God is made. The reason things are the way they are today is because man is rejecting to make peace with God. Many people reject Christ as Lord, Emmanuel (God with us), and yet call themselves Christians. The offer is still held out to all... "Come and reason with the Lord, though your sins be as red as crimson, they shall be as wool." Be ye reconciled to God, and find peace. God wants us to stop the acts of war toward him. The means is there, through Christ.

Psalms 84:9-12

The Lord brightens up our day. He will give grace and glory. "No good will he withhold from them that walk uprightly." It matters how we walk. We need to walk according to the understanding he gives. There's great blessing in walking with God yet today. Arise, shine, for thy light is come. He won't withhold grace and glory. Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you. Glorify God in your life. Let your light shine for darkness covers the earth. Be God's jewels and reflect his light.

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