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Bro. David Chancellor
11/22/1998 11:00 AM

Deuteronomy 32:11-21

This passage of scripture is speaking of the Israelites. The Lord had given them many good things to enjoy, but they turned from God and set their eyes on other things. "...for they are a very froward generation, children in whom is no faith..." There is a lack of faith in our nation today.

Mark 4:36-41

" is it that ye have no faith?" Christ was assured of his Father's care, but the disciples were fearful, not knowing what would happen. God will accomplish good even in situations that seem bad.

II Thessalonians 3:1, 2

"...for all men have not faith..." Some people have it, some people don't. Faith is a valuable asset and there are many things that work to destroy faith. Anyone can get this faith...

II Peter 1:1-5

" them that have obtained like precious faith..." You can get faith, and you can add to your faith. We'd like to be a people that are such that we can inspire faith in others. The basis of our faith is Jesus. We want to obtain faith and increase it. When faith comes you have the means of acquiring many things. Faith in God can produce things in our life that the world fails to enjoy. It is a fruit of the Spirit.

Romans 10:13-21

"...Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved..." The Spirit of God is a necessary element of people being saved. The Word will enhance your faith. Faith comes by the Word of God. Things that are not true will never build faith. Feed your mind and thoughts on the things of God to increase your faith. Yes, you can refuse this and go after something else... Israel did (referring back to the passage of scripture in Deuteronomy). They heard, but didn't give heed to it. They lost their faith. "You've come to a good place; you're in a good land, but DON'T FORGET WHAT BROUGHT YOU HERE!! The word of God has been pushed aside these days... that which brought us to where we are. The law of the land was based on the Bible. Lawyers used to have to know the Bible. We want people today to obtain faith.

Acts 13:6-12

Paul and Barnabas went to this island and found "a certain sorcerer, a false prophet, a Jew..." Paul tried to build the deputy's faith, but this one was feeding the deputy things to destroy his faith. You will have to resist that which will destroy faith. The resisting of the one who was trying to destroy caused the other to believe. Regard faith as something very precious and seek to build it up. Help to build another's faith.

II Timothy 2:16-19

There are some things to shun as they will not build faith. Many things that man comes up with and teaches can hinder and destroy faith. Keep your eyes on God and his word. The Lord knows them that are his; he's neither misinformed nor unaware. We may see and experience things we don't understand. Humanity is the greatest trial your faith can encounter. We don't want to hinder others in their faith. The important thing is you keep your faith in God. You don't have to be turned aside because of what men do.

I Corinthians 15:32-34

He is here dealing with those who don't believe there is a resurrection. There are things that can be said that would be a hindrance, but you can overcome them. Are you where you are supposed to be? "Awake to righteousness and sin not..." Some still need to hear that which will build faith. Be planting the seed for faith. Let them hear you bring the word of God to them. Do everything you can to inspire faith in God.

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