Moore Church of God

Moore Church of God - 701 S Eastern Ave - Sunday 9:30am & 6:00pm; Wednesday 7:00pm

Bro. David Chancellor
11/15/1998 11:00 AM

Matthew 25:14-30

Christ is explaining about the kingdom of God. He has gone to be with the Father, and has left us his goods; his spirit, his salvation, his church, etc. We will be accountable for it. He gave to each at the capacity they have to take it in (the gifts of the Spirit). We'll be judged on our ability and what was given to us. What are you doing with what was given you? There's no place in the kingdom of God for willing ignorance. The one with the five talents and the one with the 2 talents used the gift they were given. God is generous with each one with what he gives... (2 Peter 1 - add to virtue, knowledge... etc.) We need to "add to" what we have. You don't see and increase if you don't add to. There needs to be a spiritual increase. The one with the one talent just wanted to keep it. His attitude was to make sure he got to heaven... he missed the point. The point is that we are living to please God. Living to please God will guarantee getting to heaven. He just wanted to hold on to what he had. Most religions have the "one talent" experience - getting their claim of eternal security and hiding it in the earth or the world. The "I can't" attitude is prevalent in religion today. We need an "I can through Christ" attitude. Religions are sending out a message of failure and defeat. It is not bringing glory and honor to God. We need to "add to" our experience. Our human weakness is no excuse... "I can do all things through Christ..." What are you focused on? God wants us to have a pure and holy life, but our focus should not be just on keeping the territory, but taking some ground. Have you been faithful over a few things? God would have us be holy, to love your neighbor as yourself. Christ knew about human frailty... the response to the excuses of those who argue a holy life cannot be "O wicked and lazy servant"... There is NO excuse for lack of spiritual growth. Any person that seeks after God will find an increase. God has given us so much; we should see an increase in our souls. Christ came to give us life, and that we might have it more abundantly. Focus on pleasing God. God will give us more if we can see where we need more. In order to see you must put your salvation to work. God will take away the profession of religion from him that has the one-talent experience.

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