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Bro. David Chancellor
10/25/1998 11:00 AM

I John 2:15-17

Love not the world. If any man loves the world the love of the Father is not in him. 2 ways that the world can be detrimental to our experience.

1)The things of the world can hinder. They can work on us. We could get wrapped up in things, houses, cars, etc.; though nothing is necessarily wrong with the thing itself. The chasing after of things or materialism is the problem. Give consideration to what you are spending time with; what you are feeding your mind with; these things could hinder your soul and take you away from God.

2)Our desire for acceptance of the world - the attempt to be accepted by those of the world. We want to be faithful to do God's will in all our life.

James 4:4

If you are seeking the world's acceptance, you are making yourself an enemy of God. We can't seek after the world's smile on us, but for God's smile on us. The acceptance of God brings great joy.

I Corinthians 5:9-11

This should not be acceptable with someone who is claiming to serve God. Don't put your approval on one who isn't living right. Befriend them - reach out to them - but don't follow after them. A sinful person is in need of salvation and for this reason we should be trying to help to fulfill their need. We aren't seeking their friendship, but we should befriend. We should live in such a way as to draw others to God. Which way does the influence flow? from you to the world? or from the world to you? Make it from you to the world.

II Timothy 4:9, 10

Crescens and Titus were off on missionary journeys most likely. Demas got wrapped up in the cares of this world. Put God first. Don't get so entangled with the things of this life that you have no time for God. When God gives us things we can enjoy that. Our souls should be the important thing.

Matthew 24:37-29

The thought of man seems to be only evil continually. People were getting wrapped up in life and forgot about God. People put off their salvation until it is too late. If you aren't making preparation now, what makes you think you'll do it then?

Colossians 3:1, 2

Set your affections on heavenly things. Seek God first.

Luke 21:34

Take heed to yourselves lest at any time you get wrapped up in things. You can't lose your salvation, but you can give it up. Our salvation is dependent on the choices that we make.

Romans 12:1, 2

Be not conformed to the world and its ways. We want our life to be such that we may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. We don't want to give up the acceptance of God.

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