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Bro. David Chancellor
10/22/2000 11:00 AM

John 14:5-7

Jesus was trying to prepare the disciples for what was coming and for them to be able to look forward to the home he was preparing. Jesus told Thomas, "I am the way, the truth, and the light..." The Old Testament tells us of a way that was coming, a truth that was to be revealed, and a light to enjoy. Jesus is the fulfillment of these, the hope of the ages and this is what the New Testament shows to us.

Isaiah 35:4-10

This is a prophesy of Christ and his coming. The Israelites had the idea that the enemy would be driven out, but had this been so, they would still have had their difficulties. There may be bare spots in our lives that God can cause things to grow in. There is a highway of holiness. We don't have to turn aside from God, or err from God. Christ is the "narrow way." Only those that come through the door (Christ) will be able to walk thereon.

Isaiah 42:16

Christ opened the spiritually blinded eyes as well as the physically blinded eyes. God would have the spiritually blind to have their eyes opened and walk in a new way. (verses 1-4) Christ's message went to the Gentiles. Christ came to bring forth the truth for us. He had an approach that brought forth judgment to truth in such a way that we could be helped by it. God can help us to know what direction to take in life.

Malachi 2:4-6

God had made a covenant with Levi. While this speaks of the tribe of Levi, it also shows what Christ, as our high priest, is like. He came with truth and has turned many away from iniquity.

Psalms 133:3

Life here is described as a blessing. Christ is life. The Old Testament people had not experienced that life. There is a life begun here with God. This is so because Christ came. When Pentecost came, the disciples more fully understood what Christ had spoken of. Christ was these things from the beginning. We need our faith in Christ built up. None have come that were what Christ was and is.

John 6:47-51

Christ pointed out to these that he is the bread of life. He is that which we make a part of us and gives life. God provided the manna, but it did not give eternal life. This was the only way that this crowd could have been fed in the wilderness. With God's help, we can do something equally challenging. God provided every time the need came up. This was a natural provision. Through Christ, God gave spiritual provision. We can't save people, but Christ can. Christ provided the life people can live. Christ is still the way, the truth and the life, and he still provides for his people.

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