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Bro. David Chancellor
10/8/2000 11:00 AM

1 Timothy 2:1-4

Paul was exhorting the people that prayers, supplications, intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men. When we sow a seed, we want to water it with prayer. We want the word to get through to souls and their faith to be inspired, but we also need prayer. We want our prayers to be profitable to our soul and to the souls of others. We need to pray for all men. Our life would be bettered by our prayer for our leaders. We want conditions around us to be conducive for serving God. It is not that we can't serve God in hard times. We need to pray for those in authority, that things continue to be such that we can work for God. Maybe we should pray for all men in "our world," the ones we come in contact with and interact with, that God would be revealed to them. You can put a name on these and spend some time to make it a little more personal. This is versus a general prayer for "all men." While you may not have a "list" on paper, it is good to pray for others and think of them and pray for them by name. These are the ones God put within your reach. There are all kinds of people that you meet. "Our world" is much bigger than what we often picture. The ones that work spend more time with those at work than with family, most usually. The ones you spend time praying about are often the ones you start talking to. Do we pray for the "Grumpy's" in our life? Are we praying, "Lord, help me not to meet up with Grumpy today?" It is encountering people and helping to pick up their burdens and carry them. Pray for all men, because God would have all men to be saved. We need to pray for wisdom of how, when and what to speak and for them to have an ear to hear. We need the Lord's guidance in knowing who to pray for. We all need God's help. We all need all for "forms" of prayer. There is a need of prayer in all we do. We don't want to leave off prayer. Prayer will make our efforts more effective. If you invest a little prayer in people, your love for them is liable to grow.

Deuteronomy 9:23-29

Moses prayed for Israel. Sometimes Moses' perseverance in prayer is a wonder. They'd been a real difficult people to bring from Egypt. He didn't pray destruction on them, but that God would have mercy on them. Our prayer should be, "Lord, work on them, intervene for them, deal with them, and have mercy on them." They may not appreciate the prayers, and they may get worse. We'd like to see them see the effect of our prayers and make the situation better. God doesn't cause trouble for others to make things good for us. We need to not be looking for the "easy to help" people, but we should want to help ALL. They all need God in the same way. All sinners need the prayers of God's people and need God to speak to their soul.

Exodus 32:30-34

Moses pled for the people. We aren't out to make excuse for sin, or to make allowance for sin, but if the sinner would be saved, they have to find mercy. We don't have to leave God to assure a sinner's salvation, but Moses had a great concern for their salvation. We need the same desire in our prayer. We need to have a great concern for the ones we can reach. The ones we know need to be in our prayers. Moses' prayers had a part in some reaching Canaan. Prayer is a way we can have a part in bringing others in. Moses had a great desire for those people. Sometimes we have trouble with people. Do we pray as God would have us to?

Romans 9:1-5

Paul could see the Israelites were missing out and he had a great concern for their souls. He prayed for them and showed up at the synagogue first - EVERY time. He wanted the Israelites to know about God. He wanted to reach them and help them. Paul felt a genuine concern. We need a genuine continual concern. Our desire is that somehow God can help them to "get it." As we endeavor to work for God, take them to God in prayer. If you talk to God about them, it won't be long until you talk to them about God. The ones you talk to daily are the ones that are your mission field.

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