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Wages? or a Gift?

Bro. David Chancellor
11/19/2000 6:00 PM

Romans 6:23

There is a contrast and comparison to notice here: The wages of sin or the gift from God. How we live is very important. We will one day give account of the deeds we have done. At one time we were all in line for the wages of sin. If you are still doing the works of sin, expect to draw the wages of sin. By the gift of God we will find the works of God in our life.

Hebrews 4:9-10

The gospel day is our Sabbath day. We have ceased from our own works. As long as people continue in their own works, they will draw those wages. We want to do things God's way and let him work in us what is right. We have to find the rest that is in God.

John 14:10

This can be our experience, too. "The Father that liveth in me, he doeth the works." The world makes excuse for the works of sin and the lack of God's works in their lives. If God's works are there, we expect them to live a holy life. If sin's works are still there, sin's wages are still owed. When we have the gift of God we get a worker that does the works.

Romans 11:5, 6

There is an election of grace. We are a child of God because of the gift of God. Our standing with God is based upon his gift. This calling is for everyone. Works are works and grace is grace. If we still have the old works of sin, we don't have grace yet. If we have grace, we won't have the old works in our life. God decided to give the gift to us. We don't work the works of sin anymore. You work the works, you get the pay. Sin leaves people in a terrible position. Even though people disappoint us, we can still have hope for the salvation of souls. People in sin will continue to let us down.

Ephesians 2:6-10

He has made us to enjoy the heavenly places. We can rest in and with Christ and let him work the things that need to be worked. When God reached down and saved us by grace, we weren't a pretty picture. It's what God did. He reached out to us in kindness and spoke to us - even though we mistreated him. If we earned our standing with God, we could boast about it, but it is a gift. We have been created to do GOOD works and walk in them. Ceasing from our works doesn't mean we have a "do-nothing" life. We begin to work the works of God. "Believing" is the only way we can work the works of God. It's not "us" that does the works, but the gift that God put in us. God ordained and intended that we work. God's children will produce good works.

Romans 6:23

Are you enjoying what God has given, or are you looking toward a fearful payday?

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