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The Lawgiver

Bro. David Chancellor
12/24/2000 11:00 AM

Genesis 49:8-10

Jacob was telling how things would be with his sons. Judah at times did not look like he was in a real great position. Most of the Kings of Israel were from the tribe of Judah. Shiloh is Christ - the one that would bring peace between man and God. Jesus was the last lawgiver that we needed. He was able to do that which all the others that came before could not do. He was able to write his law in our hearts. You don't have to have an officer there to enforce God's law when it is written in the heart.

James 4:12

There is one lawgiver that is able to save and to destroy. The legislature meets regularly to fix the law they wrote before. God's law stands sure. He is able to save and to destroy. Christ told us to fear the one that could destroy the soul. We need to respect the law of God. If we do, we also respect the law of the land. We need to be concerned how we stand before the lawgiver that is able to save and to destroy.

Isaiah 51:4-6

"A law shall come from God and be a light to the people." God sent Christ to bring the law to us and tell us what to do. The earth and the things men put such emphasis on will perish. You can't hold on to it once you are gone. Men die, and this earth will pass away one day, but the law of God can't be abolished. It will last whether men adhere to it or not. If we live a righteous life, God's righteousness won't be abolished. God's law is unchanging - right is still right and wrong is still wrong.

Isaiah 33:20-22

Zion is used to picture God's church. God's church is a tabernacle "that shall not be taken down." God still has his people and he is working in the midst of men, and will do so until time is no more. God is the source of mankind's strength. He is what we can depend on. "The Lord is our judge. He is our lawgiver. He is our king." God is the basis of what we believe, where we go, what we do and what we think. We can look to him. We can go to the one who writes the law and ask him for understanding of what it means. God's people want to be obedient in every way to the will and purpose of God.

John 1:15-17

John was pointing to Jesus and recognizing him for who he was. He was writing something he knew for himself to be true. What Christ brought was different than what Moses brought. Moses law was applied from the outside. The law of Christ is written in the heart so that we can live it. There has been nothing like it before, or since, and nothing can replace what God has provided.

Hebrews 10:12-17

Christ made one offering for sins and we don't have to bring sin offerings anymore. What Christ brought is better because it made a change in the heart of the individual. The Holy Ghost is the witness of the work that God has done there. The comparison is to the law of Moses. It was external to man. God takes his Spirit and writes it in our heart and in our mind. God helps us to walk and live as he would have us to live. We have the desire, motivation and guidance of the Holy Spirit to walk in a way that is right. The scribes and Pharisees could not rightly apply the law so that people would walk right. By God's Spirit we can live the Spirit of the law. God's law is there to help us to treat others right. God puts a spirit in us that does not want to do damage to another. Serving God is not "what do I have to do?" but "I want to do what is right." We desire that others find God and walk with him; that they see him in us.

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