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Fighting Orders... Go and Teach

Bro. David Chancellor
1/3/1999 6:00 PM

1 Corinthians 9:24-27

We're in a race and the goal is to obtain a prize. "Run that ye may obtain." Run with a mind focused on winning the prize, to make it to heaven (not necessarily to beat others). It's not enough to start the race, but we must go on to finish it. Press on through it all. We know what the goal is. A good fighter aims; he doesn't swing his arms about wildly. We have to have a plan/strategy so that we may win. Keep the purpose in mind. We want to see and know what God would have us to do.

Ephesians 6:10-12

"Be strong in the Lord." The Lord is our strength. God's power will make us an effective people. Our effectiveness is the power of God. This is the ONLY thing that will work with what we are facing. We aren't fighting with people; we aren't called to. We're fighting against evil and evil spirits... that just happen to be manifested through/in people. Carnal weapons won't succeed. Organized religions that used carnal weapons have not gone on to win the race and get the gospel out.

Matthew 28:18-20

Here're the fighting orders: Teach... go and teach! Darkness is overcome with the knowledge of the word of God. We are all called to teach. Teaching is trying to GIVE, and is somewhat non-adversarial. The power of darkness can be defeated when the light of the word of God shines in.

2 Timothy 2:24-26

We need to keep the battle and goal clear. We aren't out to win the argument, but to enlighten the soul. We want people to understand what God can do for them. Be patient. Patience is needed to be able to teach. Find out where people are so you know where to start. Begin where they are. Simplify... start with the simple ABC's of the gospel. Find the point of common agreement. Our goal is to instruct - not to convince how much you know, or to win the argument. The world needs to know what the gospel can do for them. We're all called to be teachers.

1 Corinthians 9:19-23

We're to be servants although we are free (in obligations and have a clear conscience toward other men). He became a teacher for any he could teach. The teacher has to adapt to the student. An effective teacher will adapt and teach the student as he will learn. The apostle Paul adapted himself and behaved as these others. He did not place the law on the Gentiles. We aren't asking that people do sinful things to teach. We need to explain things in terms they understand. We're out to help people comprehend what God can do through Jesus.

Matthew 7:6

Pigs have absolutely no interest in pearls. You can't expound the truths of God's word to a people with no interest. Be salt - generate an interest. Live the life before them. Show them how you have joy, peace, and contentment. Teaching requires an interest on the on part of the one being instructed. Pray that God will work on them... that the interest will be there. People do still want it. It's not hard to talk to people when the desire is there.

2 Kings 1:9-16

The 3rd captain was more concerned with what Elijah had to say than with what the king and his power. The attitude was important. We don't want to fight on the terms of the world. We don't want to mud-wrestle with the world. Stay on the moral high, sure and steady ground. We don't want to do what they do. We want to be able to walk away clean. Elijah's message wasn't changed, but the 3rd captain and his 50 had great respect for him because he didn't wrestle on their terms. He stayed on the high ground. Stay firm on the high ground. Have an outreach, care and concern for those that are in the mud. Be patient, apt to teach. The Cold War wasn't with weapons.. but it was won by the one that held out the longest... the one that stood for what they believed for the longest. Be patient, be gentle, be strong.. be a teacher.

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