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Christ our Judge

Bro. David Chancellor
9/26/1999 11:00 AM

We think of Christ as Creator, Savior, Deliverer, Sanctifier, and Healer, and many things and so he is in this life. We hear his wonderful words of forgiveness and pardon when he says neither do I condemn thee, and say, let's just preach Christ. However, in the message of Christ there is coming a day when he will be our judge.

John 5:19-30

The father hath committed all judgment to the son that all men should honor him. Every knee will bow to him.

Acts 17:29-31

We should repent because God hath appointed a day in which he will judge the earth by Jesus.


We are commanded to preach that he will be the judge.

Romans 2:11-16

There will be a day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus.

Isaiah 11:1-4

He will not judge after the seeing of the eye or the hearing of the ear. When we face our judge it will not be blind justice, but it will be all knowing justice. He will know al about rejected pardon and mercy as well as all our sins.

Hebrews 4:12-13

Everything is naked and open to him. He will judge based on his knowledge of us no just how things look or what others say. He will judge righteously because he knows our motivation. This is often where men fail and judge wrongly, because they cannot always know motivation.

Romans 14:7-12

God knows all and we all shall stand before him.

2 Corinthians 5:10-11

Knowing the terror of the Lord we would persuade men.

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