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The Scattering of the Sheep

Bro. David Chancellor
9/19/1999 11:00 AM

Zechariah 13:7-9

This prophesies of things that were to come, preparation for the coming of Christ. It talks both about destruction and the building of God. Christ was smitten and his followers were scattered. He was smitten physically, but he was able to bring out the third part. There were those that were smitten and those that followed Christ and came through. The death of Christ disappointed the expectations of those that followed him as they were expecting a literal kingdom. When people get their eyes off the Shepherd today, they are scattered. People aren't putting their hope, trust and confidence in Christ, but in man and what he teaches. When this happens, people will be scattered. Christ and his work in our lives bring us together. We want to come through. The value of gold is found in its purity. We want to come through the trials and call on God's name. When God recognizes you as his own that is the most wonderful thing you can possess. You can be accepted by man, but it is much greater to be accepted by God. It is important that we claim God as ours, but it is more important to be claimed by Christ. Christ set the example, being recognized by God. We want God to claim us.

Mark 14:26-28

Jesus refers to the prophesy in Zechariah. No man stood by Christ that night. They suffered the disappointment of destroyed expectations. He let them know that when it was over he'd still be there. He let them know he would be back. They were scattered, but came through to follow a greater Shepherd. If we all come to Christ and follow him, he'll bring us together. That which makes a difference is what we can do through Christ. When people aren't looking to Christ they'll be scattered.

John 12:23-33

Christ was speaking of the hour when he would go to the cross and die for our redemption. He points out that until he gave his life he would be alone, but his death was for the bringing in of many sons. If any man follows Christ, he'll be where Christ is. If we all follow Christ, we will be together. He was glorified in that he gave himself a sacrifice. Christ is our drawing power today. We want people to come to Christ. Where Christ is lifted up, we will be drawn together. He is the great attraction of God's church. Point others to him. We want our thoughts turned to him to bring us together. Anything that takes away from Christ will serve to scatter his people.

John 10:11-14

Christ IS the good shepherd. His concern is the prosperity and well-being of the sheep. None can fill Christ's place. Some say the sheep are theirs, but these are GOD'S sheep!!! The sheep are his. The hireling isn't willing to give his life for a paycheck. Christ cares about his sheep. We need the shepherd. When the wolf comes, get close to the shepherd. The wolf would scatter the sheep. If the devil can separate from the shepherd, he'll scatter you too. When things come, draw close to the shepherd. Seek out the shepherd. If we don't draw near to Christ, we'll become prey for the wolf. All kinds of things can happen, but keep your eyes on the shepherd and you wont get separated from him. Christ doesn't change. We want to keep our eyes on him. If we do, no matter what happens, we can come through, with victory.

Luke 11:23

Everything is in relation to Christ. Whoever isn't with Christ is against him. One of two things is happening - you're either with Christ and gathering, or else you are scattering. If man injects his ideas it will scatter. Our ideas aren't important; what Christ said is what matters. If we try to put our hand in things and straighten and make them work, we're out of line and will scatter. What Christ said is what will fix it and bring us together. If we aren't drawing people to Christ we will be scattering.

Genesis 49:8-10

The people had not been to Egypt nor been through many things. When Christ came on the scene the tribe of Judah was the one that still stood. The prophecy was even back in Jacob's day... of Christ. Shiloh was/is Christ and to him the gathering of the people is. There was always a looking forward to Christ. The nations are blessed by Christ. To Christ shall the gathering of the people be. We want to get people's attention on Christ. Many things may come, but keep focused on Christ.

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