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Beware the wiles of the devil

Bro. David Chancellor
9/12/1999 11:00 AM

A life of sin won't solve any of the problems we encounter in life. What is to be gained by a life of sin? Nothing. It only adds to our troubles. Our challenge is not to solve the world's problems or solve everyone else's difficulties, but to go forward in Christ. Throwing things overboard leaves you with less to work with. Get your guidance and direction from God.

Ephesians 6:10-11

Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. He didn't call us to accomplish things in our own ability. The "I can" is in the Lord and the power of his might. God has provided us many things for our benefit and there's nothing he's provided that we can do without. Life might be like a computer adventure game. You bump into many things. Get every help you can get. Put on the whole armor of God. It is there for you good, that you can stand against the wiles (trickery) of the devil. The devil uses trickery, things to work on your mind, to get you to fall. You need your eyes open that you can stand against all the tricks of the devil. Be looking for the traps that are set. God can keep us and we need to keep our eyes open. There is a great deal of pain and suffering when you fall into the trap of the devil. We need wisdom from God that we can avoid the traps of the devil. We need to be able to know when something just doesn't seem right about something.

2 Corinthians 2:9-11

Ignorance is to the devil's advantage. It is not to the advantage of a child of God. Be looking ahead. If you only watch to the end of your nose you'll always be stepping in holes. Think about the effects of what you do now on tomorrow. Paul forgave these things because he didn't want the devil to get the advantage. We need to get wise to the devil's devices. If God gets you out of one of the devil's snares, learn from it don't step in it again. People get in trouble because they don't look ahead. Think ahead; think about how things will affect you and others, and what it might cause ahead.

2 Thessalonians 2:8-9

God is able to expose Satan. If you set a snare where the light is dim it is more easily hidden. The light of God can expose Satan's snares. The devil has an appearance of power and some sings you could look to. One of the devil's lying wonders is he can get people to talk about God and religion without their fulfilling God's requirements. God has a way, a right, and a truth. The devil would turn us from this and have you justify going in a way that isn't God's way. We don't want to accept justification of anything that isn't right. The devil would tell people "go your way and you can come back and get saved later." Giving in to the devil will never work for your soul's good. There is a way out of situations if you go God's way. You might think, "Once this is done, it is done and it can't be changed." And that is true. The devil won't tell you the whole story though. He's got a trick and many give in to it. It is better to take God's way and have the victory. A lot more damage is done by the devil's trap than you see when you first step in to it. What can be worse than believing you are all right when you are not? The devil's lying wonders will cause you to presume on the mercy of God. God says, "My spirit will not always strive..." If you choose to go your own way and do things that cannot be undone, when you want to come to God you will find that all those things are in the way to come over to reach him. We need to be concerned with what God has to say about things.

Genesis 3:4-7

The devil uses curiosity. "Just try it once and see..." or "Nobody else knows about this, try it and see..." Adam and Eve found out some things, and before it was over there were some things they wished they DIDN'T know. There are some things you don't need to know. One of the devil's tricks is curiosity. "I wonder what that's about..." When it comes to your soul and the devil's snare, it is better not to be curious. Parents know that there are some things that are not worth knowing. Curiosity is something the devil uses. The devil can play on your mind the same way. One night of sin can cause you to pay for the rest of your life. There are plenty of things in life we would be better off NOT knowing. We need to recognize that if we are inclined to be curious, the devil will try to use that route to get to us. If you would be curious, be curious about the things of God. See what the word has to say. We don't want to be taken down the wrong path. People have made choices that lead to a life of pain and sorrow instead of joy and happiness.

1 Timothy 4:1

The devil can come with a seducing spirit. It works to make you want something you ought not to have. It will make things appealing and make it appear that what is appealing is ok. It will help you justify that which is appealing. It can come either through people or thoughts. It is not just for a moment of time. They can say, "no one else understands what it is all about..." There is a making appealing and a justifying of what he's appealing to do. People justify all kinds of behaviors. It is the trick of the devil for you to get involved in something and then justify it. He will give you all kinds of reasons why. We need to look into the word of God and make sure things line up with God. We need to make sure that the devil doesn't trip us up. Put on the whole armor of God.

Ephesians 6:13-18

Take all of this, the gospel, the faith, the word of God. The devil would have you take up an attitude that can later be used for something else. In a good light you can see where to walk. We need the understanding and direction of God. Be aware of the wiles of the devil. We don't have to fall for his tricks. We need his help to resist the tricks of the devil. The devil expects in a space of time we'll get taken in by it. We have to have it settled that we are gonna go on to heaven. The only way you'll make it is by God's grace and help, so watch out for the devil's tricks. There are all sorts of problems along the way of life, but don't give in to the devil. The devil will continue to work, but you don't have to give in and let him ruin life and eternity for you. Seek God for help.

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