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The Two Witnesses - Word and Spirit

Bro. David Chancellor
9/5/1999 11:00 AM

Zechariah 4:1-14

The angel was speaking to Zechariah. He got his attention and spoke to him and asked what he saw. His attention was focused on the candlestick and two olive trees and the construction and the question was, "What is this?" Partly, it was in question of Zerubbabel and the building of the house. It wouldn't be finished because of his importance or position, but because God determined it would be done. God's work today will be accomplished because of the spirit of God, not because of our might or power or will for it to be done. The olive trees are the two anointed ones standing by God. The two olive trees are giving their very life into the candlestick. They were giving their oil that the candlestick would shine. The candlestick is God's church. The anointed ones give life and light to the church of God. Jesus was recognized as the Christ, the anointed one. The candlestick is dependent on the oil of the two anointed ones. They are essential to the building of the church of God.

1 John 5:5-9

John is emphasizing Jesus and that he is the Son of God. If we would have victory we must believe that he is the son of God. Jesus is God. The Word and the Holy Ghost are the two anointed ones; the two trees referred to in Zechariah. The Spirit and the word (Christ) are the two anointed ones necessary for the building of the church. It isn't "Jesus only", but the Spirit is needed as well. There are two anointed ones and we need them both. It is not just "spirit, spirit, spirit" either. Doctrine is important, but by the word alone you won't have the oil that is needed to shine brightly. It takes both for the candlestick to give off a brilliant shine.

John 1:1-5

It makes it clear here that Jesus is "the word." God gave him the words for us to hear, know and understand. He passed on the commission to teach what he said. Christ had a problem with the Pharisees because they were teaching the commandments of men as doctrines. If we teach our thoughts and opinions as doctrines we are no longer following Jesus' commission. What Christ has to say is what we need to teach and we need to bring it just as he meant it. We need to bring the word because the world is a mess. These cut the law of God down to their ideas. We need to get the intent, meaning and purpose of Christ's word. If we build on the commandments of men it isn't solid ground.

John 14:15-18

Christ IS the word and we need to keep his commandments. They aren't grievous or complicated. Christ was sent and the Holy Ghost was sent that they both may accomplish something in our lives. (vs. 26) The Holy Ghost is needed to make the word effective, to make it work in your life. The two came and worked together to provide the life and light to make the church of God what it is. We have to have the connection to these two in our hearts and lives. When the oil flows, the light shines. The oil must reach the place that is needed for the light to shine.

Revelations 11:1-13

We need to realize there is a measuring occurring and we want to be measured up to the word. The Dark Ages are pictured in this passage of scripture here. The Gentiles here are those that are not part of the family of God. There was falseness. The Spirit and the Word did not go away. The world was seeing something God did not intend on the scene. He didn't intend that they worship relics or make confession to men. You could tell a man and make him believe whatever, but when you confess to God, he knows how it really is. God knows how it is. God didn't design Protestantism either. (The word and the spirit were still around through these 350 years.) Might, power and man's ideas can't build the church of God. The church of God will be built by the Spirit and Word of God. After 350 years of Protestantism, the word and spirit were given freedom to work their work - this is how things get changed. God would shake the earth, but it has to be by the word and the spirit. If the word and the spirit aren't at work, the shaking is not going on. When they were given their rightful place, when they were allowed to work, the fear of God was returned to man. If the light was going to shine brightly it had to have a pipeline to the two trees. We need the word and the spirit. They must both be at work. If we want to see God's glory go forth and see him work, we need the two witnesses. People tried to use might and power to Christianize. They might have the millions but without the word and the spirit they have nothing. What really lines people up right is the Spirit of God within. It lines them up with the Word. It takes both - the two witnesses - the Spirit and the Word.

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