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"Go ye and teach..."

Bro. David Chancellor
8/15/1999 11:00 AM

Matthew 28:16-20

The disciples met with Jesus at the appointed place - some worshipped and some doubted. We want to worship Jesus. He still has all power in the world and in his church. He has said, "Go ye and teach all nations..." There are some things for us to go and accomplish. Some people's idea of church is "get a building, put a sign out front and wait for people to come..." People need US to go to THEM - not the other way around. We are to share the gospel with others. We need to live the gospel before others, share it with them, help them in whatever way they need help, and teach and encourage. There is to be an example on the part of God's people before others.

John 13:12-17

Christ was emphasizing here that the servant is not greater than his master - and that Christ had given an example of a life of service. Instead of taking advantage of others, we need to go and serve. As far as man is concerned the one that is served is the greatest, but if you would be great with God - service is the ticket to the goal. "Freely you have received - freely give." Be a help however you can. We should have a natural care and concern for others. We are to go and be used of God - at school, at work, wherever - reach out to others and be a help and blessing.

Luke 14:21-24

The king told the servant to go and find all those that needed help - the undesirables - to come. These that saw their need came. When we go and tell we need to make it compelling. We can't force them to come, but we can make the message compelling. It's our job to make them want to come and find out and know God. God would have his house to be filled. We would like all mankind to be saved. Having a large crowd just for the numbers isn't the goal, but that these would come and find God. The saints of God want to get together - it's natural. We need to take the gospel and live it before others so that it will be compelling. People can be convinced by your life before you ever talk to them about God.

Colossians 1:27-29

"Whom we preach" - Christ. When we teach we want to warn of what's ahead. While life is lived in the present there's something ahead. The broad way still leads to destruction. It is ours to go with a warning - of something ahead. We are going to be judged by Christ the judge and Christ the standard. There are people claiming to be blessed of God and seeing angels that aren't being subject to God's law. We need to let people know that they need to live in accordance to God's law.

Luke 19:20-23

God said, "Go ye... some say, "I'll be careful with the soul God has given so that I can give it back to him later intact and untarnished." There is some risk involved to going out. Some might hurt you and take advantage. Some say... "I'll go to church and live good and wrap my soul in a napkin"... yes, it'll be clean, but it won't have been used. We needn't think that we can take comfort in that we did nothing so we'd do no wrong. God expects us to have a well-used and well-kept soul. We want to do a work for God. With fine china, what's the point of having it if you don't use it? God gave us salvation to go out and work. God can put something inside to keep you as you face daily life. We need to be working for God. We want to take the purity, goodness and wonder of salvation to the world. Christ said, "go ye..."

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