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Are you doing Martha or Mary Service?

Bro. David Chancellor
7/25/1999 11:00 AM

Luke 10:38-42

An interesting account Luke felt needful to include. Why do we need to know about it? It was just an ordinary human interest event. It's called Martha's house. Christ came to town and to Martha's house. He was still pretty well accepted at this point. Both Mary AND Martha were interested in Christ. We don't know what exactly the interest was. Christ was a single young man... and that could have been reason for interest. Martha was looking at her sister like she was doing nothing. We don't want to let self-pity work on us. It was improper of Martha to ask Christ to make Mary and herself get along. We don't want self-pity to work on us like that. Both were interested but showed it in different ways. Martha - by being a good hostess and making sure everything was in its proper place. Mary - by focusing her attention directly on him. Christ is going to be with us in the service. We can focus our attention on Christ or we can focus on all the peripheral aspects of the service (is the church clean, certain specific order of service, etc.) It is very easy to go the "Martha" way and miss out on being blessed and being a blessing. The doing of the work has its place, but if you want to be a benefit, you should focus on the person. Many children don't want more toys, but attention. Be interested in the person. In conversations, have a two-way conversation with others, not just "yes", "no", etc. Mary was taking in what Jesus had to say. Come to the service and sit at the feet of Jesus. Christ says this to the church today - "You are careful and troubled about many things." It's not that the issues aren't important, but it is most important to sit at the feet of Jesus and meet with him. Find Jesus and being with him is needful. We need to be acquainted with God. We don't want to go through forms and rituals and miss out on God. The whole purpose and goal is for us to become acquainted with God and to walk and talk with him. The Pharisees missed out because they were more concerned with their own opinions and ideas. The "good part" was Jesus and that which he'd brought from God to share. Paul just wanted to know Christ and the power of his presence. When we come to worship, God will be here. We want to enjoy his presence. Martha was interested in Jesus but she was focusing on the peripherals rather than on Christ. We don't want to miss the presence of Christ - if you have, you've missed everything.

Isaiah 1:11-17

God, through Isaiah, told the Israelites - "You have the forms down great, BUT YOU'RE MISSING THE POINT!!!" The sacrifices were provided as a way for them to come to God. Because they were just following forms it was meaningless service. The intent of salvation is that we can walk with God. Many today carry a profession. Salvation is to draw us to God and put us where we can walk and talk with him. The Israelites were following the forms but missing out on what it was designed to do.

Colossians 2:18-22

Don't be turned aside from your reward. Don't let yourself be turned aside, from Christ to the rules of man and no longer connected to Christ. If we don't have Christ we've missed out. We increase by holding on to the Head - staying connected with Christ. As we walk with Jesus we'll endeavor to do what's right. We don't want to focus on everything after the commandments and doctrines of men and living just so. Don't lose sight of what's important in serving God - that is focusing on him and walking with him.

Galatians 4:9-11

After you've known God, why would you let your focus be on anything but GOD!!!?? We don't want to settle for a form or ritual. We're happy when we come together and God is here. We go through life blessed when we stay in his presence. Every other part of religion is pointless without God's presence. Desire the good part and it won't be taken away from you. We want to be drawn closer to God. When you sit at Jesus' feet you should come away with a greater appreciation for Christ. Why get wrapped up in peripheral things when Jesus is the guest? We'll be built up, encouraged, and blessed as we sit at Jesus' feet and get the good he has for us.

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