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Same Yesterday, Same Today

Bro. David Chancellor
7/11/1999 11:00 AM

Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. The word is current. Don't read it as just history. He's the same today. It's still there for our help, strength and encouragement. It is still real and present today. Christ is the same today and forever. It should encourage and help us to know what Jesus said and did. Christ is still alive and present and working in us.

Hebrews 4:15

Christ can be touched by what we face. He knows when we can't face it alone and he wants to help us. He went through problems and faced every day frustrations. Jesus understands. He was able to bear and go through. He knows what human life is like. He's touched by the troubles we face.

Mark 9:20-27

This father was faced with a great difficulty. His son was at the place of imminent destruction at all times. He begged God to have compassion and help. We find ourselves in this position at times. The father wanted Christ to have compassion. Christ is a loving, compassionate Savior that came to deliver in the hour of need. Christ was approachable. When we come to this place, he will respond to our cry and he can work.

Matthew 15:32

Jesus fed the multitude out of compassion. It wasn't a feast - he was concerned for their welfare. The multitude was so caught up in what Jesus had to say that they did not eat for three days. Jesus is compassionate and he wouldn't ask too much; he performed a miracle that they could have the strength to go home. He time and again had compassion on people. We can take our case to him and he understands the condition we're in. He understands the problem. He sees the need in our life, whatever it may be, and he wants to help us. He can help us see what we need, when we don't know how to ask for it. He was concerned about the people. He wants us to be strengthened, helped and encouraged. He would draw us closer to him.

Matthew 9:35, 36

Jesus traveled from place to place and people were being healed. He saw a people that had no guidance or leadership - no one making sure things would go well for them. Jesus was moved with compassion toward them. We should be motivated this way. Even today people are going about as sheep with no shepherd. They need the help of God in their lives. They need the direction of God. Jesus watches out for us because he cares. He still cares about his people today.

Matthew 14:13, 14

Jesus went about healing because he had compassion on the sick. He had compassion on the people's spiritual and physical difficulties. He was not unconcerned about or indifferent to the people's troubles. People came to Christ for healing, but there were times when he sought the person out and provided help for their need. Christ will help us in all our needs. He cares about the needs of people today. He didn't lose his compassion at the cross. He went there for us, out of concern for mankind - that we might have the indwelling presence of the Spirit of God.

Mark 1:40-42

The leper told Christ, "If you want to you have the solution for my problem." Christ hasn't lost the ability to solve people's problems. He can meet our needs, and because he's compassionate, he wants to meet our needs. He sees our condition. Leprosy was such a condition that this man may have been a pitiful sight. Jesus was his only hope. Christ wants us to be helped today. Jesus is not untouched by what we go through. He is loving, kind, concerned and looking out on your behalf. He is caring. He wants to help us here. He cares about the individual - body, soul and mind. He cares about every need and he will supply. He's not indifferent. He does care, and he still is moved with compassion. He's not indifferent or uncaring. Because he cares we can bring everything to him.

Mark 5:15-20

Christ is a Savior with a loving heart that can be moved with compassion. He set this man free from what others were unable to help with. His friends had tried to protect him from himself, but were unable to help him. Jesus helped the man, and the man wanted to go with Jesus. Jesus told him to stay and tell. We might decide sometime that we want to go to be with Jesus, but we need to tell what Jesus has done for us. Tell others how he's had compassion on us and worked for us. We want people to know that God is not unapproachable or untouchable. He wants to meet the need and work out the problems. He sees ahead and tries to prevent future problems. He has compassion on us today. He wants to meet our needs. He's touched by what we go through. He is still moved with compassion today. He IS just the same today.

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