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The Spirit of God

Bro. David Chancellor
4/7/2002 6:00 PM

Isaiah 40:3-8
This is speaking of John the Baptist. It is a much greater thing to be a child of God than to occupy the position that John the Baptist had. John the Baptist preached in the desert. The people came out to hear him. The attraction was (and should be) that the voice of God was heard. Much of humanity is in a desert condition. A highway can be made here. Though the world be a desert/wilderness, we can find God and live for him here in the midst of it. God has arranged it that regardless of what your position is, he can bring us to the level of the gospel. Things are on a certain level when you have your eyes on God. Both John the Baptist and Jesus caught the attention of humanity in that day. We need to be out of the way that people might hear what God has to say. We don't know what to tell people. Without the help of the Holy Spirit, we don't know how to be a help to people. Humanity, by and of itself, is like grass. It comes and goes, moving from controversy to controversy. John the Baptist told them that everything that wasn't the right tree would be cut down. The goodness of humanity passes away. You can't make enough rules to make a man holy. The Catholic church is doing this to weed out the more obvious things, but until they deal with the issue of sin it will reappear. Until what Christ came to provide happens, there will be trouble. You can't take care of the problems until sin is taken care of. If you would see the church prosper, you need the presence of God's spirit in the heart. When God shines his light on things it will expose them for what they are. The flesh (or basing it on your ancestors) is not going to be something to count on. It will profit us nothing. Christ still has an influence today.

John 6:59-63
Christ was speaking of spiritual things and these were missing the point. The flesh will profit you nothing. What is your focus on? Just because you could see him doesn't mean that you would believe. Are we taking his words and soaking them in? Get into the spiritual kingdom. The spirit of God is what quickens and gives life. John brought the message that Jesus was coming. Jesus came to make things different. The Spirit of God can bring life. Be sure your life is living for God, not for the world and its things.

1 Peter 4:10-11
Have you received "the gift"? It is the gift of the Holy Spirit that makes you useful to God. All the gifts come from the same spirit. Whatever you do should be done by the Spirit of God. Develop and use whatever skills you can for God. You need God's spirit to be able to do the work of God. If you would speak for God, be sure you say what he wants said. Be tuned to the Spirit so that you talk like him. Ministry is serving. It goes beyond speaking. If we would help others, we need God's help. We have different God-given abilities. Do you use them to serve? Do you recognize that God gave them to you? Is God being glorified?

1 Peter 1:22-25
The word of God abides forever. Christ, the living word, abides forever. Let the spirit of God continue to work in each heart and life. Can you speak whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself?

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