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The Holy Spirit - Our Comforter

Bro. David Chancellor
3/24/2002 6:00 PM

John 15:26
God's Holy Spirit is what is needed in the hearts of mankind. Jesus told his disciples of the Comforter that would come. The Comforter would make a difference where they were concerned. The Spirit was needful, and still is, to the testimony of Christ. If people's thoughts would be turned toward Christ, this spirit and testimony is needed. When the Jews put Christ on the cross they were trying to end the testimony of Christ. Yet, when the Spirit came, it bore witness to Christ. If we would be an effective witness for Christ, we need his Spirit. We need the Spirit to take it home. This is what is needed for effective ness. Peter's message at Pentecost was effective because of the backing of the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God gave him the words to speak. The word of God needs to go out to the world about us with the witness of the Spirit to back it.

John 14:12
The Spirit of God was part of what would happen because Jesus went to the Father. If the Spirit of God dwells in the heart, there will be works that are produced. These works will be how we will be witnesses to show God in our lives. These are the works that Jesus did. Jesus said, "Greater works than these..." Lesser works won't show Christ. People claiming to be Christians without the works of Christ in their lives are a great hindrance to the work of God. We can't expect to convince the world that Jesus was the Christ if we don't have the Spirit of God and these works. God would have us to be witnesses and lift him up; do the works that Jesus did.

John 16:13
This speaks of the Spirit as a guide. We need a guide. Our lives shouldn't be lived as a random collection of events; as something that just happens. It's not just something that happens. We can have a guide that sets the direction for our lives. We would that our lives follow the direction that God intended. He will guide us in our understanding, our knowledge, and in living these things. If knowledge can't be translated into life, it is useless. God's Spirit can help us know how to deal with other people. If we will let him be our guide, he will help us to see that man is often arguing for things that ought not to be. How are we treating others? He will speak to us what he hears from God. He will show us things to come. Things to come are more than the present. He can help us to see the pitfalls and dangers and help us to resist the devil. We need to see enough ahead to walk in the right way.

John 14:26
The Comforter is the Holy Spirit, sent from God to be our teacher. People can endeavor to expound the word. Without the Spirit of God to open it to us we may confound the word. If you get the Spirit of God, he knows the meaning that God intended. He can teach us all things. He can bring the point home and help us to get it. He can be our "rememberer." He can help us to remember what Christ has said to us. He can help us to know what to say and what not to say when we are talking to others. On the day of Pentecost, the Spirit of God helped Peter to know what to say, and brought scripture to his remembrance. We, too, can spend time with the teacher. Through prayer and reading the word, the teacher can bring the word to life and write it in our hearts and make it real to us. When you need the words, they can be brought to remembrance. If we never spend time with the word, there won't be much to be brought to remembrance. The word needs to be a part of our lives, that it might be a benefit and blessing to someone else. It isn't just bringing to mind the words, but to get the word in us. Get the spirit of the word. God would have each of us to carry the gospel. Having the Spirit to back it up is where the effective ness is found. God would have each of us to carry the gospel. The Spirit did a great work on the day of Pentecost through Peter. We would carry the word that others could know him, too.

1 Corinthians 2:9-10
Man, up to when Jesus came, could not know or understand the deep things of God. We, today, are able to know and enjoy these things because the Spirit of God has moved on our hearts and come into our lives. The Spirit is needed and important to our lives if we would be witnesses to those who haven't seen, heard or entered into the things of God. The world needs to know Jesus and what God can do in their lives. As the Spirit works through us, he can convict and reveal things to sinful men. People don't like to be told they are wrong and improvement is needed. When the change is wrought, though, you'll not be sorry with the result. The Spirit is the one that does the work. We are dependent on him to make our work effective.

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