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The message of Christ

Bro. David Chancellor
1/27/2002 6:00 PM

Isaiah 62:10-12
This is painting us a picture of Christ. This speaks of preparing a way. John the Baptist came to prepare the way for Christ by preaching "repent." This has to do with us being able to get to God. It says to lift up a standard. Standard here doesn't mean something where everything has something to measure to. The meaning here might be better represented by the statue of the soldiers of Iwo Jima. It is speaking of a flag; a rallying point. This standard is the one we should come to. The salvation described here is a "him" not just a thing. Who is this "him"? It is Jesus Christ. We want hindrances out of the way so that people can be gathered to him. Whether the standard is something we rally to or something we adjust ourselves to, it is still "him" - Jesus Christ. He can't be emphasized enough. He sought us out, and didn't leave us forsaken. The pastor is not the standard. Jesus is the one that can make the difference. He redeemed us, sought us out. He didn't forsake us. He sent a Comforter. He sent the abiding presence of God's spirit to live in us.

Genesis 49:8-12
He points to the greatness of the lion of the tribe of Judah. It speaks of Christ. People need to be gathered to Christ. People gathered to men don't have much. Christ's coming is important. All of time is focused around Christ. He is the one that all should gather to. Other leaders of the world may have achieved some measure of greatness. No program of man has yet been able to do what Jesus did. People brought their difficult problems to him and he solved them. Lives are changed when people are gathered to him.

John 12:32
Jesus was describing the death he would face. If they had have listened they would have gotten him message; that his drawing power would not be diminished by his being put on the cross. He paid our redemption on the cross. Carnal leaders will ask others to do that which they themselves would not do - put their lives on the line. After Jesus went to the cross, the lives of mankind, and their hearts could be changed and made perfect. A clear conscience is found in the blood of Christ. He is the standard that is lifted up for us to come to.

Ephesians 4:13-16
"Till we all come ... unto a perfect [complete] man" The man, complete and perfect, is Christ. This is what should be emphasized. Christ had the fullness of the stature, not physically, but he had the fullness of spiritual stature. Invite others to come see Jesus. We might be a disappointment to them, but we would have them to meet Jesus, the perfect man. Not enough can be said about him. He was the fullness of what God would have us to be. The testimony was that he went about doing good. Each of us should have the same testimony. He is what we should be like. If you get to feeling important in yourself, stand beside Jesus. Compared to Jesus, how does each historical figure stack up? Those who served Jesus, it made something good of them. Man's trifles and personalities mean nothing compared to Christ. As God's people, our goal should be that he is lifted up.

Romans 13:11-14
It is high time to get focused. Throw aside things that shouldn't be here. "Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ." Put on the robe of righteousness. We should be wrapped up in him. Jesus is the one; to focus on other things is to miss the point. The gathering of humanity needs to be to Jesus. He came for the salvation of every soul. Any soul that needs him should seek him. Jesus is the one that can set you free.

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