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Let your light shine

Bro. David Chancellor
5/23/1999 11:00 AM

Matthew 5:13-16

Christ said "Ye are the salt of the earth" but if salt doesn't accomplish what it's used for, it's worthless. Salt had a purpose; if it doesn't do what it's supposed to do, you might as well throw it out. You can tell where cities are because of the light at night. You want light to be seen. Usually you try to get the most from a light. The candle is placed in the candlestick to provide light for all. Theres a purpose for our being here. He intends that we be the light of the world - that we be looked on, seen, noticed.

Revelations 2:1-7

He wrote to the leaders of the church there. God sees our works; he sees us like we are. "Repent, go back to the first works or I'll remove the candlestick out of its place." The place of the candlestick is up where it can provide light. If the church leaves its first love the candlestick will move (be put under the bushel). If they will not live as God will have them to live, the candlestick will be moved. The church still existed, but God hid it. This period was called the Dark Ages; the standard for the world was being set by those that weren't God's church, but claimed to be. Many religions today are putting the candle under the bushel. If our lives are not changed by the power of the gospel it is a worthless gospel. Go back to the first works else the candlestick will be moved. Live so as to be a light to the world.

John 17:19-23

Christ's prayer for his people; extends all down through the gospel day. Our life has an affect upon what the world believes. If the world is going to be convinced of salvation they will have to see it in us. What we do determines what people believe. How we handle problems has an affect on the success of the gospel. Let problems arise in the church and people's faith will be hindered. When you see problems it will be a challenge to your faith. Sanctification is an essential ingredient. Be an example. Your life can convince someone to serve God. Damage is done when someone claims God, yet lives to less than what has been provided. The world is affected by the life you live. They have to see it working. Unity is a convincer. Our life needs to be convincing and telling. It's very important that we keep the first love and the works in our life.

Matthew 13:21

When we read this we often focus on the stones, but the problem is the lack of depth. "When tribulation or persecution..." When troubles arise, the one that has not grown deep is hurt. When troubles come around God's church it is the tender plant that is hurt. We should bear in mind that there are those who don't have root yet. We should stay in the place where we ought to be. Don't let the devil work through you. It's important that we look at our life; we don't want to be the source of the withering. Let Christ have his rightful place in our heart. The success of Christ's message hinges on our life. Don't let a carnal nature rule your life. We should be concerned about troubles, lest someone be offended. Someone has to be the source of the trouble. We don't want it to be us. "Lord is it me, I trust not.." Be the one that allows the light to shine. Our testimony is important. Let the world see Jesus in you.

2 Corinthians 4:1-6

We have this ministry (service). By the manifestation of the truth - we are to make the truth visible, seeable, knowable. Our life needs to drive things home - to get it across. If our candle is hid - the lost will not see. If God is not seen in our lives the lost will not see. Many times the lives of those that claim God cause the worst damage to the gospel. We're not in this to win people to US ... but we do preach Christ - it is proved in our life. We preach Christ BY OUR LIFE!! People need to see that when Christ saves you that it makes a difference. What we do matters, and it matters a great deal. Be Christlike... God has shined in and we want it to shine through to the world. God intends we should have an effect on this world, but if our life is not a compelling testimony for the gospel our candlestick will be moved.

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