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Salvation for Today

Bro. George Davis
4/21/2002 11:00 AM

Acts 8:26-39
Salvation is just as much for today as it was then. There was a seeking soul, a personal evangelist, the Holy Spirit, Jesus and the word of God. (see Jeremiah 13:23) This man evidently believed in one God, else he'd not have gone down to Jerusalem. He was trying to find and obey God. Jesus had told them to search the scriptures because they "testified of him." He is our hope of eternal life - the only way we can be saved from sin. This man was ready to hear from God. If we are ready to hear from God, he will see to it that we hear. There is more in truth than putting on a profession of Christianity. A spiritual mind is not satisfied with ignorance. (see Isaiah 53:2-6; Isaiah 55:1, 4) We are saved to tell others. Use the opportunities that come to witness (see John 7:37; Matthew 11:28-29, Rev. 3:20).

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