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The Scriptures

Bro. David Chancellor
4/7/2002 11:00 AM

Without Jesus, church is a pointless exercise. Moving to a new building won't change the church. The church is the people who found in Christ the change of life. Being a child of God has caused some things to happen in us.

Acts 17:10-12
Paul and Silas were sent away by night because of the opposition. Yet, they didn't let the troubles of the previous place change what they did in the new place. He didn't let yesterday's failures hinder the hopes of today. He went to the synagogue and told the Jews about Jesus. These were more noble in that they heard and received the word with readiness of minds, and they checked and searched the scriptures daily to see if it was so. Access to the scripture was more difficult then than now. The desire of Christians should be to want to know what is here in the Bible. We can learn more about Jesus in the Bible. As you begin to dig, it will build your faith and help you to believe. We need to study the word daily. There are a lot of thoughts in the Bible. The Christian life is an adventure because we have the Bible to explore. If we search, we will find something to strengthen us.

1 Peter 2:1-3
This gives us a hint on how to search the scriptures. Some people go into the Bible with these as motivation. Lay these things aside. Search to prove a point for yourself. None of these is our reason for searching the word. As a baby wants a bottle to grow, we should desire to grow and thus want the word. The greatest preacher of all is Christ. We should desire to hear and know more of him. We need to taste that the Lord is gracious. Learn how to feed yourself. Reach the point that you want to try to feed yourself. Being fat in your soul won't hurt you.

Deuteronomy 17:18-20
This is about how a king should do even before they had a king. Do we value the scriptures so much that if we had to we would write out our own copy? He was to write it and read it so that he would know it. This brings everyone to the same level. It will keep us in our place. It will keep us right in the middle of the road. It won't let you settle for "kinda sorta did." It will keep us in our place and help us live as we ought if we will stay in the Bible. Don't put anything in the place of the Bible. We need to know our Bible.

Hebrews 5:12-14
There comes a time when you ought to be able to teach. (Admit, submit, commit, transmit). Reach the point where you can transmit to others. Things grow to the point where they produce some more. We should desire to bring others to Christ. Be able to teach, whether in a classroom or out of it. Be able to share. To do this, you have to advance and grow. Desire it like a baby desires milk, but don't stay on milk. We need to reach the point where we can handle strong meat and the things that go with it. Get your senses exercised to discern. Figure out what is good and what is bad. Learn what is right and what is wrong. Some things people say God said, he never intended to say at all. Search for what is right. Get your senses exercised to discern. Because we are trying to do what is right and the world isn't, we will be different than the world. Live as HE wants you to live. Don't work to be different; search to be right with God.

Romans 15:4
The scriptures were written for our learning, but we have to read it. We can endure in part due to the comfort of the scriptures. Do you look in the word for comfort? Search the scriptures daily.

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